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6:30pm at KDL-East Grand Rapids Library
Takeover! Grand Rapids Suffragists and the 1914 Press
1914 National Suffrage Day Edition
When setting goals for 1914, the National American Woman Suffrage Association called for rallies, parades, and the take over of local newspapers for a day across the country to argue for the cause. The Grand Rapids Equal Suffrage Association met this challenge by editing and producing the May 2, 1914 issue of the Grand Rapids Press, and holding a rally in Veterans Park on that afternoon. Besides noting the local women playing editors for the day, Ruth Van Stee will illustrate how humorous cartoons, calling out local men on their positions on suffrage, and tongue-in-cheek weather reports worked for a cause that couldn't have been more serious . An original copy of the 1914 edition will be on display at the event!
Ruth Van Stee
Retired from the Grand Rapids Public Library--Local History and Special Collections and former GGRWHC Board member, Ruth Van Stee has researched and presented talks on Grand Rapids women in the temperance movement, on local women owning businesses, 1890-1930, and early African Americans in Grand Rapids. She first presented this talk on the 100th anniversary of the suffrage edition in 2014.
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