When you come to the end of one season do yourself a big favor...And get up from all that you’ve grown almost too familiar with and from all you thought was just your norm. Then you need to prepare yourself and be ready to cross on over to the other side. Don’t give a second thought to what once was nor contemplate remaining with what you know is dead and done with. Yes, if the old horse you’ve been riding is dead; Please get off the thing for new things are now beginning to open up for you and change is coming to you. It’s time for you to begin reaping blessings, honor and recognition from people and places you’ve never labored for. Yes, the atmosphere around you is changing; And you’re getting closer for your time of fruitful harvest to be made known. “I have sent you to reap a harvest in a field where you did not work; others worked hard there, and you will profit from their work.” (John‬ ‭4:38‬‬‬) So arise and make yourself ready; For a new day Is dawning...Don’t miss your moment.