Tuesday, March 16, 2021
Join us on 3/25/21 at 10:00 AM EST, as we explore solutions and sales concepts in the specialized LTC market. Gain a deeper understanding of LTC planning, products, and benefits that will create new business opportunities and provide your clients peace of mind. We will be joined by two experts from our carrier partner, John Hancock. Don’t miss it, register here.
Help Clients’ Estates Hold Firm Against Tax Erosion
Clients’ estates need protection so rising taxes don’t eat away at their heirs’ inheritance. Let’s focus on helping clients create flexible estate plans using life insurance strategies. The How Taxes Affect Your Assets at Death Brochure and the Playbook Pointers are good places to start.
Many individuals have a history of giving to their favorite charity, and they may want to make sure that these gifts continue should they die prematurely. This client brochure discusses how using life insurance may be a way for charitably-inclined donors to complete their expected lifetime gifts to a charity.
March is Women's History Month, and there’s never been a better time to send a powerful message to your clients about the importance of protecting their loved ones with life insurance. Encourage clients and prospects to take a look at affordable coverage options for the whole family. Go here for a customizable flyer that you can send to them. 
We’re living in an era of increased longevity, with more clients living to 100 and beyond. In recent decades, the percentage increase of people living to age 100 has grown more than that of the overall population. Click here for more information.
Check out this converting temporary term coverage into permanent coverage sales idea. It shows how converting a temporary term life policy into a permanent Indexed Universal Life policy may benefit your client.
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