Tuesday, March 30, 2021
How hard would sales be without the written word? Copywriting — writing that sells — is essential for promoting any business, and it has to be good to be effective. With short, snappy, compelling messages, you can inspire your audience to take action. Learn more about writing strong content here.
While small rate increases will be made, Children's Whole Life will remain an affordable and competitive express policy that allows clients to lock in low premiums and future insurability throughout the lifetime of their child or grandchild. Read carrier announcement here.
This new Term/GUL Sales concept will help you show clients how term life insurance can protect against financial risks now, and permanent life insurance can help alleviate risks in the future - all while staying within their budget.  
Help clients who have ties to the United States navigate the generational wealth transfer process with a program designed specifically for the high-net-worth foreign national (HNWFN) market. Go here for all the details.
Now your qualifying clients can get up to $35,000 in monthly individual disability income insurance (DI) benefits versus the prior limit of $20,000. This higher limit helps executives, professionals, and others earning $650,000 or more annually get the coverage they need from a single source. Get full details here.
Getting life insurance coverage is easier than ever. Get up to $2 million in life insurance coverage without a medical exam or blood work, through a simple, no-touch process that starts with an easy online application. Go here to learn more.
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