Tuesday, February 23, 2021
There are 3 key components to successfully sell this LIRP concept. Join Joe Ross from AIG, a sought-after creator of financial strategies, as he helps you help your clients successfully implement this tax-efficient strategy. Don’t miss this webinar on Wednesday, 3/3/21 at 11:00 am EST. Register here. 
No client wants to be surprised by owing more in taxes than they’ve planned for. If their retirement portfolios aren’t diversified from a tax perspective, they might be and they may end up paying more than they should. The tax benefits of life insurance might be a welcome surprise today to avoid an unwelcome one tomorrow. Encourage them to take this tax challenge. They may be surprised by the results.
High-quality employees provide a competitive edge that can help take a business to the next level. An employer-sponsored,
split-dollar life insurance arrangement can help your clients attract and retain their industry's top talent. Go here for more details.  
IUL can be an important 
part of your client’s retirement plan. By helping to tame volatility, IUL can 
serve as an additional asset in their retirement plan to provide additional options and peace of mind in 
uncertain times. Go here for more information. 
Knowing and using your tools can help get applications quoted accurately and your business issued quicker. Click here for a success story.
Talk to your clients and prospects about why life insurance is love insurance. Use this "Insure Your Love" site for client-ready materials. 
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