Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Rhode Island has updated the requirements around best interest and suitability in annuity transactions. New training will be required to be able to submit applications for any annuity products, including Asset Care annuity funding whole life. These changes for Rhode Island went into effect April 1, 2021. Click here for more details. 
The Power of 3 concept is an attractive combination of services and products that allow you to shorten the underwriting process, provide options to meet any risk tolerance and make automatic income simple. Click here to learn more. 
Life insurance is an important tool in a client’s overall portfolio. This comprehensive reference guide highlights how life insurance may be used in various advanced design concepts. Go here for Selected Designs Guide. 
Retirement is a life event that could be seriously affected by timing. There are actions your client can take to alleviate the impact of a market downturn. Check out this consumer-friendly solution
Not all life insurance needs are solved with just a term policy. But a permanent product isn’t always the right answer either. Use this brochure to creatively meet your clients’ life insurance needs with a blended solution.
This month we are exploring how to avoid stalled deals and client procrastination with the goal of shortening the sales cycle and helping clients make a decision faster and with less effort. Listen to this month's podcast here
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