Tuesday Connection| May 28, 2019
Some clients are fortunate to have defined benefit pension plans, but they may be leaving money on the table. Help clients maximize retirement benefits using life insurance with Pension Max. Click here to learn more.
With nearly 35,000 members and sales of $100 million in 2018, they’re changing the way people think about life insurance and the way you sell it. As a way to celebrate, they are rewarding you! Click here for more information.
We all rely on our incomes to live. Set yourself apart by making sure your clients have their incomes protected. Life and Disability Income (DI) insurance can help by working together to protect loved ones from unpredictable expenses and risks. Learn more here .
Parents have the opportunity to leave a legacy to their children by providing one of the greatest gifts - life insurance. Purchasing a policy while their child is young and in good health, provides the opportunity to protect a lifetime of dreams, and lock in insurability. Go here to learn more.
Many of us know the leverage power of life insurance. How can an annual net gift of $3,671 guarantee a gift of $100,000 for a favorite charity? Life insurance is a potential answer. Click here to read full story.
We can handle all your underwriting cases. With our experience and determination, we know what it takes to get your most difficult cases placed. Click here to view our latest case studies.
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