By this everyone will know that you are my disciples,

if you love one another. John 13:35


Here we are in February already. We all know that February is the Love Month. This month, more than any other we think and talk about love. Too bad we need the calendar to remind us to love.


The sign of a Christian is love. Do people know that you’re a Christian because of your loving lifestyle? As Christians, we sing about love, talk about love, pray about love and study love. But – Do we show love?


Love should be our habit – our greatest aim. If it isn’t, then we need to take action right now!


Start acting lovingly in your relationships. Have you acted unlovingly toward someone? Make things right!!


Then, increase your relationships. Build as many relationships as possible, because the world will know about God’s love by the way Christians love each other – and by how Christians love other people around the world. Not just the ones who look like us or think like us.


Then spend time with people. It is impossible to live a loving lifestyle as a hermit. If you love your children or your grandchildren – spend time with them.  If you love Jesus, you have to spend time with him too. Love costs time and energy – but it’s always worth it. And, people are attracted to Christ by our love. They’re attracted by the love of God that we show.


Just think about what would happen if everyone in the church loved like this – if we all committed ourselves to acting in love and giving our time unselfishly so that others could get a taste of how much God loves them? I believe it would change the world! Plus, it would make God very happy.


Remember – People don’t care what we know

until they know that we care.

So, spread the love –  not just in February but all year!


Heavenly Father, help us to always live love. Amen.

Pastor Ruth

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