Me vs We
"For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline."
2 Timothy 1:7

This pandemic, just like any other stressful situation, brings out the best and worst in people. In our present society, with an emphasis on the "me "generation, it shines like a magnifying glass on the absolute need for everyone to be a "we "generation type of person. It glaringly illuminates the difference between "me" people and "we" people.  
More than ever, everyone needs to be a "we "person. Everyone needs to take some time to focus on the needs of others. This is how we will get through this situation, successfully. As Christians, we know this and do this. The goal now becomes to share this message with as many other people as you can.
It can be daunting to consider speaking to other people about such things as being "your brothers keeper "and providing care to others. But, now is a critical time to do so. It can be done as simply as just talking about goodness or caring or showing compassion. God will be at work in your words.

Precious Lord, we face a time when we all have a great need for all you provide. Help us to accept your spirit of power, love and discipline, so that your words may be heard through us to others. Amen.
         Denise Clark
         Christ Servant Minister
820 Almshouse Road  Ivyland, PA 18974
215 357-6998