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There's a Mexican Shrimp Revolution Happening at Samuels!

Ask your Sales Representative how you can receive a complimentary 5 lb sample of our premier Mexican Shrimp & a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to Cancun, Mexico!

Norwegian Skrei Cod
8 lb + H&G Fish: $5.95/lb
3-5 lb Sk/ON Bone In Fillets: $8.95/lb
3-5 lb Sk/OFF Bone In Fillets: $9.95/lb
Hawaiian Kanpachi
4 - 6 lb Whole Fish: $7.99/lb
1-2 lb Sk/Collar on Fillets: $12.99/lb
Fresh Tuna Trim
#2 Skinless, Great for Searing
5 lb Minimum
Tonight's Price: $4.99/lb
Canterbury Cure Caviar
8 oz Hackleback Sturgeon: $199.99/ea
1 oz Kaluga: $45.99/ea
Fresh Local Fluke
Caught off NJ & RI. 6-8 oz Skin off Boneless Fillets. 5 lb Min
Tonight's Price: $8.99/lb
Jumbo Black Bass
Caught off NJ & MD
6-12 oz Skin on PBO Fillets
Tonight's Price: $16.75/lb
Nordic Halibut
Sea Raised off Norway
10-15 lb Whole Fish
Tonight's Price: $7.99/lb
Fresh Arctic Char
Raised in Iceland
8-14 oz Skin on PBO Fillets
Tonight's Price: $8.50/lb
Speckled Trout
Caught off North Carolina
6-10 oz Dayboat Quality Fillets
Tonight's Price: $9.99/lb
Wild Alaska Sablefish
"Black Cod"
1-3 lb Skin on Fillets
Tonight's Price: $9.75/lb
Fresh Jumbo
Venezuelan Crabmeat
1 lb Units, 5 lb Minimum
Tonight's Price: $26.99/lb
Oyster of the Evening
Beaver Tails, Rhode Island
Medium Cup, 18 ct Bag
Tonight's Price: $17.99/bag
Sleepy Lobsters
Wild Caught off Canada
Mixed Sizes
Tonight's Price: $5.99/lb
Breaded Scallops
26/30 Count
Frozen 12 lb Case
Tonight's Price: $145.99/case
Golden Neck Clams
Caught off Maine
50 Count Bag
Tonight's Price: $9.99/bag
Virginia Select
Shucked Oysters
Sold by the Pint (16oz)
Tonight's Price: $13.99/ea
Edible Purple Orchids
Enhances Plate Presentations
50 Count Pack
Tonight's Price: $8.95/ea
Hearts of Palm
Sold by the Pound
Tonight's Price: $16.50/lb
Breaded Catfish
Frozen at Sea
4 oz Fillets, 15 lb Case
Tonight's Price: $5.99/lb
Gulf Shore Brown Shrimp
26/30 Wild Mexican Shrimp
Frozen 5 lb Boxes, 50 lb Case
Tonight's Price: $5.50/lb
Samuels Specialty Meat Selection
Fresh All Natural Chicken

Chicken Breasts
Boneless and Skinless 10 lb Case
Tonight's Price: $1.99/lb

Chicken Party Wings & Drums
Sold in 10 lb Units
Tonight's Price: $3.75/lb

Kurobuta Pork From Berkwood Farms

10-12 lb Each, 4 Piece
Tonight's Price: $4.25/lb

1 lb Each, 12 Piece
Tonight's Price: $7.99/lb

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