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Pre-Thanksgiving Market
Tuesday November 23 // 3-5pm

501 Foster Street
*Masks are appreciated*
*Winter Market Hours (Saturdays: 10am - 12pm) Begin in December*
Market News!
By The Brook Tempeh
We specialize in non-soy, artisan blends of legumes, peas, lentils, and seeds to create a well-balanced and highly digestible plant protein with a fantastic texture and versatile flavor. 

By The Brook Tempeh is based in Saxapahaw, created by fermentation enthusiast Taylor Westbrook. Our North Star is to contribute to a sustainable future by reciprocating our local food systems, supporting the human microbiome, and elevating accessibility through relationships. Along the way, we’d also like to normalize plant-based proteins for all diets, including meat-eaters, by offering an appealing product in its own right, not merely as an alternative.

This week we'll be stocked up for your holiday needs. We will have plenty of signature tempeh blocks and a new featured block with Heron farms sea beans. Plan on a few burger options and two styles of ground tempeh for your vegan stuffing needs. Come check us out!

Visit our website:
Check out our recipes:
Instagram: @bythebrook_tempeh
Fickle Creek Farm
Preorder for all your holiday meats & poultry!

Smoked Pork
Ham Slices, Sausages, Shanks, Hocks, Neck Bones

Hot Xtra Sage, Mild Sage / Country, Breakfast Links & Patties

Don't forget special Thanksgiving Market
Tuesday, November 23rd 
Preorder window for Tuesday opens Friday at 12:01 pm

Markets are closed NOV 27

Chicken Backs Preorder Special
Great for Soups and Stocks
Only $2 per lb

PORK Bacon Ends & Chunks
Save 25% - Only $6.75 / lb

Veggies available this week include...

Sausages for all your grilling events!

Smoked Kielbasa  Smoked Andouille
Smoked Jalapeno  Smoked Green Pepper n Onion
Hot Italian  Mild Italian  Bratwurst

Chorizo  Country / Mild Sage  Hot Extra Sage

Winter Season CSA Enrollment is now OPEN
October through March
Enroll in Meat CSA and get a 7% discount for the next 6 months! 
Also available: Monthly Egg BiWeekly Egg

Pickup at Farm on Friday & Saturday
Pickup at Markets on Saturday
Delivery on 1st, 3rd, & 5th Wednesdays 

Our freezer is full!
Share a Half of Whole Hog with Friends & Family
Save extra $30 this week; Total of 20% off!
Use promocode "halfhog30" when ordering

Inventory is updated by Monday by 5 pm !
If we have fresh meat, additional updates to the store may occur by Friday 8 am.

**Beef & Lamb: Pasture Raised **
**Pork:       Pasture & Woodland Raised Free Range*
**Chicken:    Pasture & Woodland Raised, NON GMO Fed, Free Range **
**Hen Eggs:   Pasture Raised, **
**Veggies:    Never Sprayed **
Fruchtenicht Honey
“Saving the bees” is not a good reason to start a beehive. The number of managed beehives in America is now quite stable and you cannot affect the population of feral hives. The idea of the honey bee as the canary in the coal mine is valid in that their high mortality (amendable by constant increase in managed hives) reflects a deteriorating environment for pollinators and by extension, humans. I can’t advocate against trying beekeeping because I have benefitted so much from working with these miraculous animals and trying to solve the many problems that arise from caring for them and trying to obtain honey crops. Speaking financially, like poetry, there aint no money in it. 

Keep bees if you must, but plant flowers. It’s good for them, it’s good for you. As a woman working in a nursery once told me, when I’m trying to sell some plant starts to a lady, and her fidgety, grumpy husband says, “You can’t eat flowers.” my response is: “flowers are food for the soul.” Also food for pollinators. Wish I were quick-minded enough to crush opposition that easily.

Unleashing the mow and spray contractor on your yard is the easy way out. The old English saying: “When the world wearies, turn to the garden” is real wisdom. If you haven’t, try a flower bed. London is trying to reduce the number of honey bees in the city on the grounds that they are too many and they are driving native pollinators to extinction. I have thoughts on that, to be continued, but you can’t go wrong planting flowers.
Haw River Mushrooms
We are so thankful for all of you. Come out to our special weekday holiday market and stock up on all your savory mushroom varieties. Our protein rich culinary delights can serve as centerpiece for a vegan dish or add flavor and depth to your favorite gravy or dish. We will have an abundance of blue, Italian and Snow oysters, lions mane, cinnamon caps and more. 
We will also have grow kits on hand for a fun gift to your holiday host.    

We strongly encourage preorders to reserve your favorites and make pick up quick. 
Orders are open until Friday at 1PM. 
Find our products online at: Haw River Mushrooms Online Store ( or go to for more information. 
Honeygirl Meadery
Honeygirl Meadery will be at the market this week! 

Last chance to stock up on some mead before your Thanksgiving dinner! We have the perfect turkey pairings for you this week like our Cranberry Sage Mead and Triberry Mead. And bee sure to get your hands on some of our Honey Chai Mead and Spiced Apple Cyser for all your mulled wine cocktails!

We are always happy to make recommendations for you in person at the market, or you can pre-order online from our entire line-up, and pickup at the Market.

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-orders for DFM pickup must be placed by 6:00pm on the Friday before the Market. Simply select Durham Farmers Market as your pickup location when you place your order. 

Our Tasting Room is about a mile away from the Market & currently open for curbside take out and outdoor seating Friday through Sunday. Grab a bottle or a flight and explore our extensive mead selection! 

Honeygirl Meadery 
105 Hood Street, Suite #6
Durham, NC 27701

Tasting Room Hours:
Friday & Saturday 12:00 - 6:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 – 5:00 PM

Curbside Pick Up Hours:
Friday & Saturday 12:00 – 6:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 – 5:00 PM

Visit our online shop to order mead for pickup, for shipping, or to purchase gift cards for friends. 
Thank you for your continued support! Bee Well!
Diane, Nicole, & Becky
Phone: (919) 399-3056
Hurtgen Meadows
On our tables this Tuesday for your Thanksgiving feast or to stock up until the December market: Sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, sage, sweet onions, Brussels sprouts greens, kale, Napa cabbage, sweet peppers, hot peppers, squash, garlic, eggs and jams (fig, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, pear, peach, peach mango, yellow sweet onion, red sweet onion, medium red pepper and hot red pepper).

Pre-order online for quick pickup at the Saturday Durham market:
Tuesday 8 pm through Thursday 8 pm: 
Maple Spring Gardens
Well, it's that time of year again! We will be wrapping up our season soon and shutting down for a winter rest and rejuvenation.


Over the next 2 weeks we will have Spinach, Salad Mix, head Lettuce, some other greens, fresh Herbs, Carrots, Radishes, Sweet Potatoes, Ginger, Turmeric, Burdock, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cabbage.

Get a head start on Holiday Shopping!
Stock up for yourself or for gifts with our farm grown Herbal Teas, Fire Cider, Garden Faery Salve (for minor skin irritations, dry skin), Pure Plant Hydrosols (aromatherapy sprays/skin toners), and Arnica Plus Ointment (for injuries & imflammation).
These items will not be available again until February / March. 

Stay warm and vibrant, and we look forward to seeing you again in the Spring!

Sunshine Dawson & Team

Website    Facebook   Instagram
Meadow Lane Farm
Good morning, our wonderful Customers and Friends!


Both delicious meat-type LAMB and CHEVON (goat meat) are in plentiful supply so reserve your LEG of LAMB (whole or half) for the holidays... and Chevon (goat) leg... along with thick, meaty LOIN CHOPS. Fresh pastured 21-day dry-aged ANGUS BEEF also available ... and that means thick, grilling size of Ground Beef (& G. Chuck), beef RIBS, ROASTS, and much more. We have other perfect cuts of meat for you to cook out. Try thick pork chops or maybe a juicy Chevon (goat) burger on the grill. This is Tuesday's Holiday link for placing orders, November 23rd. Cutoff time to place an order using this link is tomorrow (Monday) at 5:00 p.m..  

OFFERINGS this week:

Natural pastured MEATS:
         ** 21-day dry aged Angus Beef:
               -- Ground ($8/lb.)
               -- Ground CHUCK ($9/lb.)
               -- Steaks (New York Strip, London Broil/Top Round, Cubed Steak)
               -- Short Ribs
               -- Roasts (Eye of Round, Chuck, Shoulder, Top Round, Rump Roast, Sirloin Tip)
               -- meaty Soup bones
               -- Shanks (Osso Bucco), Marrow Bones, Knuckle Dog Bones
          ** Yorkshire X Pork
                -- Ground (1 lb.)
                -- Pork Chops (2 per pack... 1")... perfect cooked on the grill.
                -- Ribs (great bbq'ed on grill!)
                -- Country X-Sage SAUSAGE - Mild or Hot (bulk or spiral link)
                -- Italian SAUSAGE - Hot (spiral)
           -- smoked POLISH Kielbasa (4-link packages)
           -- Smoked Green Pepper/Onion SAUSAGE (4-link packages)
           -- spicy Chorizo
               -- ROASTS: Picnic and Boston Butt (both small or large)
                -- Backbone "Pork Chops": similar to chops (more economical)
                -- Neckbones (wonderful meaty broth)
                -- Pork liver; pig tails/ears; fatback; pork skins, pig feet
          -- SMOKED, sliced BACON.. (from "sweeter" processor) - limited
                -- farm fresh PORK LARD buckets.. $8 per bucket (1.5/1.75 lbs.)
                -- 'Heat & Serve', eastern style NC BARBEQUE... $14.00/lb..from our pastured pigs.. delicious & easy for a quick meal!

             ** Dorset X Lamb:
                -- LOIN CHOPS (2 per pack)
                -- LEG of LAMB (whole or halved)
                -- whole SHANKS
                 -- Stew Meat (bi)
                 -- Denver-style slabs of Lamb ribs
                 -- organ meats & Bags of meaty soup bones
                  -- Bratswurst LAMB Sausage
            ** Boer Chevon (goat meat):
                  -- Ground Goat (1 lb.)
                  -- LEG of CHEVON (whole)
                  -- LOIN CHOPS (2 per pack)
                  -- Whole Shanks
                  -- Stew Meat (bi)
                  -- organ meats & Bags of meaty soup bones.

** USDA Certified organic vegetables:

New: ** Mesclun salad mix (baby leaf kale, mustard, etc.)... $5 per bag
New: ** Baby Leaf LETTUCE mix... $5 per bag
New: ** Baby Arugula ... $5 per bag
New: ** Baby "Zephra" yellow bi-colored summer squash... $6 per lb. (from greenhouse)
New: ** Heads of delicate tender green lettuce... $5 per head (from greenhouse)
         ** Bundles of Collards, Kale, Brussel Sprout leaves, etc. ... $5 per bundle
        ** Assortment of butternut squash and pie pumpkins... LOTS!
NEW:** Fall CURED Sweet Potatoes: $2 per lb.; Available in 10 and 20 lb. boxes!
NEW:** Limited broccoli and cauliflower


Organic sweet potatoes on our family farm?... Never before until this year!  And did Mario grow the most delicious crop of potatoes and in abundance in our certified organic, rich garden soils.
We will be offering gift boxes starting this week in 10 lb. and 20 lb. boxes... all $2 per lb.... in addition to potatoes by the lb. at the farm stand Saturday. A "curing" house was built this summer on the farm... so the potatoes could be "cooked or cured" to enhance their natural sweetness. Immediately after being dug, they were placed in this high humidity room at 85 degrees F for ten days to "cure." The skins thickened and they are sweeter and more shelf stable. Now, they should be kept around 50-55 degrees F until consumed. What a learning experience!

The organic strawberry plants have all been planted ... hopefully you will be able to enjoy berries next spring. Another item we will be offering for the Tuesday market... are THANKSGIVING wreaths.. made with boxwood from around the old farmhouse, red peppers, fragrant holly, and the magnificent blooms from the greenhouse yellow and orange marigolds.  Pre-order your wreath today .. such an attractive way to greet family and friends to your home for Thanksgiving. (see pic)

It is not too early to be thinking about ordering your beautiful greenery holiday wreaths... each meticulously made by Mario from greenery on the farm. We will have two sizes.. small ($45) or large ($65), starting with the first delivery on Tuesday, November 23rd. A sign-in sheet is at our check-out table on Saturday's... reserve yours now. 

Thank you for your continued support of our Century Family Farm!
Martha L. Mobley
919-495-1305 (text or call if questions)
571 Leonard Farm Road
Louisburg, NC 27549 -- farm's email
Phoenix Farm
We will be at market Saturday and Tuesday with lots of great produce! We will have red, yellow, purple, and orange carrots, beets, turnips, radishes, spinach, lettuce mix, and more!
Roberson Creek Farm
We will have lots of fresh Eggs for you to enjoy.
Our Hens are Happy Hens.
They are on Pasture all day every day.
We will have Pumpkins,Great for Soup, bread, pies.
They are cooking pumpkins.
Thank you for shopping with us each week.
We are Cash Only.

Bobby & Vicki Roberson
Roberson Creek Farm
Soul Cocina
We have released our Thanksgiving menu! As always, everything is plant-based and made without gluten ingredients. This year, the fare includes our tasty Thanksgiving loaf, cornbread stuffing, mushroom gravy, scalloped sweet potatoes, apple pie (pictured here!), and much more. Make sure to get your Thanksgiving orders in by November 19th at 9:00pmWe will also be at the pre-Thanksgiving Carrboro and Durham Markets! We will have some items to sell there, but make sure to get your pre-orders in so that you get everything you need. We hope to see you soon! 

Soul Cocina | (919) 559-0255

Instagram: @soulcocinatriangle