Tuesday Tasks
Your weekly update from the
Catholic Schools Office

August 17, 2021
Response Needed / To Do Tasks
First Day Numbers
Please turn in all first day enrollment numbers to LeAnn (lakin@diocesekcsj.org). Please provide the number of PreK students (separate from your K-8 students) and the number or K-8 or 9-12 students.

Benchmark Rosters
Please continue to work on your school Benchmark Rosters. As soon as they are up to date, please let LeAnn know. All students will be assigned a student ID number to take the test this year so it is important that you get the rosters to LeAnn as soon as possible so that the numbers can be assigned and returned to you.

Compliance Videos
Make sure staff compliance is complete.
Social Media and Blood Bourne Pathogen videos can be found on the Admin page of the website. Mandated Reporting and Harassment can be found in Virtus.

Faith Formation Books
Let Kerry know how many books are needed for Faculty Faith Formation.

Principal Certification
Send a copy of your current credentials to Kerry.