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December 14, 2021
Response Needed/To Do Tasks
Welcome to Nicolette Gibson (In her new position)
The School Office is excited to announce effective January 2, 2022 Nicolette Gibson will transition from a consultant for the Catholic School Office to Associate Superintendent. This is well deserved recognition for the many years of leadership Nicolette has shared with our schools in the areas of special education, curriculum, and federal programs. Nicolette will continue to support schools in these areas as part of the School Office team.
Thank you for your participation in the Synod we held on December 2nd. Please remember, we were modeling the process you will use to meet with your faculty members. In that meeting, you will be modeling what middle school and high school teachers should be doing with their students. Grades 6-12 are expected to participate in the Synod process. The Listening and Discernment sessions must be completed by April 7,2022. 
The Bishop’s video is on the public Synod page: https://kcsjcatholic.org/synod2021-2023/ (it works well just played directly from here)

The Toolkit for your Synod meetings and the link to the reporting document can be found at the following website:

Password: Mt7:14
Congratulations Kim Huss
Kim Huss has been named All-News-Press NOW Fall Girls Coach of the Year!
Meeting Reminders
New Principal/2nd Year Principal/Mentor Meeting
January 5th - 10:00 am - Glennon Room

Early Ed Meeting
January 6th - 1:30 pm - Zoom

January 11th - 1:00 pm - O'Hara Room
  • Weekly COVID Reporting should be completed using this link. Please complete the report EVERY Friday