Tuesday Tasks
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Catholic Schools Office

October 12, 2021
Response Needed / To Do Tasks
  • This and That survey. Please complete this short survey regarding several issues/events that we would like your feedback on.
  • Last week I was contacted by the Teacher Certification Department at DESE. It was brought to my attention that teachers in their first or second year of teaching must complete a beginning teacher assistance program (BTAP) and a teacher mentoring program. For the Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph we provide the teacher mentoring program through on-site mentors AND the on-line program offered by Dr. Jen Marks. In addition, new teachers must enroll and complete a BTAP program. BTAP programs are offered by colleges or regional service centers. I have attached a list of regional service centers for you to use to direct your year one and year two teacher for participation in a BTAP program. In addition, teacher could also reach out to a local college or university with an education preparation program to see if they have a BTAP class available. Please help your new teachers by providing this important information for their licensure. If you have any questions, please let me know. ~Karen
  • DHSS and DESE have updated the Missouri School COVID-19 Operating Guidance document, and it is being provided to you on behalf of our DHSS team. Thank you all for your questions and input as we worked together to provide clarity on our guidance and additional options for schools to operate safely. Information previously found in DHSS’ Guidance for Assessing COVID-19 Exposures and Defining Close Contacts in a School Setting document is now contained in the main/primary DHSS/DESE guidance document, allowing all information to be found in one place. In the section regarding guidance for assessing exposures and recommendations regarding quarantine of close contacts there are the following key updates/additions:
  1. Option 4 – Test to Stay: See pg. 5 for complete details about the new Test to Stay Option that enables a close contact to continue activities during the quarantine period through participation in frequent testing. The Test to Stay Option provides LPHAs and LEAs an additional option to consider for persons who do not meet current options for staying in school following an exposure to COVID-19 in the K-12 setting.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): See pg. 7 for new FAQs and their responses, covering topics including, but not limited to: at home tests, antibody tests, and the use of ShowMeVax.
  3. Resources and Tools: See pgs. 12-15 for new resources, including the DHSS/DESE graphic and flowchart that describe the recommended scenario-based options for quarantine as outlined in the updated guidance document, including the Test to Stay Option.
  • Q&A Webinar on Tuesday, October 12: DESE and DHSS will host a webinar on Tuesday, October 12 from 1:00-2:00 p.m. to answer K-12 stakeholder questions about the updated guidance and new Test to Stay option. School leaders, school nurses and local public health officials are encouraged to tune in and submit questions during the live event. Use this link to access the webinar. The webinar will be recorded and posted later in the "Webinars Hosted" section of DESE's COVID-19 webpage
  • Weekly COVID Reporting should be completed using this link. Please complete the report EVERY Friday