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Dr. Darlene J. Ruscitti
Regional Superintendent
DuPage County Schools
August 11, 2020
A resource for professional development and news for DuPage County Educators

As we inch closer and closer to launching the new school year, we want you to know that we are here to support you in any way we can. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns, or need guidance.

Below we've listed training opportunities and resources that we hope will be helpful as you prepare for this wonderfully unique school year!
This initiative brings superintendents together eight times throughout the year to learn from one another and secure best educational practices for Illinois students. Administrator Academy credits are available, and registration fees have been slashed! For more info, click here.

The DuPage ROE is now offering a number of Administrator Academies virtually via the Zoom platform. Please see the attached flyer for dates and course offerings.

Register for TIDE online courses. See this link for a complete listing.

On September 23, the ROE will again present an Administrator Academy designed for administrators and teacher leaders. This course will provide strategic ways to advance educational equity in your respective districts. Register here.

Graduate-level endorsement courses beginning this fall in conjunction with University of St. Francis. Click here for more information.

Find out about National Board for Professional Teaching Standards candidacy. Learn more here.

The complete Anti-Racist Toolkit is now available online through our partners at This invaluable resource includes articles, research, webinars, questions for reflection, and practical how-to's. Check it out here.

August 14: Gifted Instruction
September 10: DuPage EdTech
September 18: Personnel Administrators
September 18: Curriculum Directors
September 24: Equity and Excellence
Arts Education Data Resources
A new suite of resources from the State Data Infrastructure Project for Arts Education illustrate how leaders can use data to support arts education. It includes case studies of initiatives and a toolkit of resources. Check it out here.

The Green Bulletin
School and community information and education about recycling and composting is offered here.

Did you know is a free online database connecting people with events as well as resources that offer food, housing, counseling, utility assistance, educational support and many other services? Visitors may create an account to save searches and can use the text or email option to quickly send the listing to someone in need. 

The Leading Ed Partnerships Team, which the DuPage ROE is a partner of, is pleased to announce the release of the COVID-19 Toolkit. Phase III materials are now available here.
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Thank you for your dedication and creative, compassionate care for the children of DuPage County.
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