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Dr. Darlene J. Ruscitti
Regional Superintendent
DuPage County Schools
October 20, 2020
Happy Tuesday!

We hope you are off to a good start this week. Like you, much of our work at the ROE this fall has been consumed with the COVID-19 pandemic. But even now, as we enter the second wave of the virus, we continue to move forward in some other important areas as we seek to support the students of DuPage County.

One of our top priorities is Equity. We want to ensure the playing field is level for all our children, so we are conducting equity audits, trainings, networking opportunities, and pilot leadership programs.

We are also very concerned about the mental health of our community, and thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, we have been able to continue offering many trainings at no costs to the districts. Programs include mental health for youth, trauma-informed training, SEL, restorative circles, and more.

Another area we are focusing on is Early Childhood. We are so honored our Parents as Teachers program recently achieved "Blue Ribbon" status! (Read more here.) We also have started new networks for Pre-K through Grade 3, have formed a partnership with StarNet, and are offering KIDS training and professional development.

Two other areas of note are Illinois Priority Learning Standards—watch for upcoming training opportunities in November, and the DuPage Career Pathways and Work-based Learning Initiative—see more information on that here.
Administrator Academies
The DuPage ROE is now offering a number of Administrator Academies virtually via the Zoom platform. Please see the attached flyer for dates and course offerings.

The Spring Semester offerings of TIDE will be available the week of November 16.

Special AA Opportunities
The ROE is pleased to present two special Administrator Academies: "Implementing SEL System-wide to Improve Student Achievement" and "Title IX: Responding to Discrimination on the Basis of Sex." For more information on these academies, click here.

Short-Term Sub Training
Spread the word: Short-term substitute teacher training will take place on October 29 via Zoom. Click here for more information.
Motivating and Managing Hard-to-Reach, Uninterested, and Disruptive Students

October 28 via Zoom at 3:30 pm

This webinar, hosted by the DuPage ROE and presented by Brian Mendler, will be recorded so participants unable to attend the live event will have an additional thirty days to access the webinar.

During the training, participants will learn key reasons students are disruptive, how to defuse any student at any time, effective vocabulary to communicate with hard-to-reach students, and how it feels for students to be labeled as “special ed.”

With a captivating personal story of undiagnosed learning disabilities and out-of-control behaviors, Brian Mendler teaches from experience as well as training. A certified teacher, he has authored seven books focused on changing the lives of challenging students, including the National Best Seller, That One Kid. For more information, click here.

November 6: PreK-3rd Grade

November 6: Curriculum Directors

November 12: EdTech

November 19: Equity and Excellence
October 28: Gifted Network
"Achieving Equity in Advanced Academic Programming"
This network will highlight equity and access to advanced academic programming. April Wells, Gifted Coordinator, U-46 and the author of Achieving Equity in Gifted Programming: Dismantling Barriers and Tapping Potential, will join us for a segment of our meeting time.

"Identification and Programming for Advanced Academics during Hybrid and Remote Learning"
This network session provides an opportunity to collaboratively consider and share revised processes to determine placement in advanced academic programming as well as current strategies for providing services during hybrid and remote learning. 
Spread the word: Crisis Text Line is now available to help students who are feeling the long-term effects of social isolation, grieving over missed proms, graduations, or games, or are worried about their family. All they need to do is text REACH to 741741 to connect with a crisis counselor. It's completely free, and it's available 24/7. For more information on the Crisis Text Line, click here.

Tonight, October 20 at 7 pm: Sociologist Dr. Christine Carter will discuss her two bestsellers, Raising Happiness: Ten Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents and The New Adolescent: Raising Happy and Successful Teens in an Age of Anxiety and Distraction. The event will be livestreamed by the College of DuPage here.

November 5 at 7 pm: "Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Tools For Your Mental Health" presented by Dr Michael Maslar, Director of Mindfulness and Behavior Therapies Program at The Family Institute at Northwestern University.

November 17 at 7 pm: "Navigating the Landscape of Teen Sexuality and Relationships" presented by Peggy Orenstein, author of Girls and Sex: Navigating The Complicated New Landscape and Boys and Sex: Young Men on Hookups, Love, Consent

The Latino Policy Forum shares new research-based recommendations for their success in this unprecedented era of COVID-19 here.

A newsletter of CASEL info from around the nation—and DuPage County—is here.
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