Tuesday July 3, 2018

Get the Lead Out!!!

Get the lead out of your traffic signal operations by trading-in your lead-acid BBS/UPS for a nickel-zinc UPS. Receive a $300 discount on your ZincFive UPStealth purchase when you trade-in your existing lead-acid BBS/UPS. Field proven at thousands of installations with over 140 DOT's, now is your chance to improve system reliability and lower your costs with the fastest growing UPS for ITS.

For more details click here or contact your MoboTrex sales rep for information and pricing.

July 28-31, 2018 Orlando, FL

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July 26, 2018 Schaumburg, IL

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December 12-13, 2018


Have you tested you CMU lately?

The CMU is the primary component of the ATC Cabinet monitoring system. Proper functioning of the CMU is of critical importance if safe operation of the cabinet is to be maintained. If the CMU is not functioning properly, a cabinet malfunction may go undetected, putting the public at great risk. This is why it is important to conduct periodic testing of each CMU.

ATSI is introducing the ACMT - 5000 ATC Cabinet CMU Tester. Check out more on the latest product from ATSI here! Then give your MoboTrex rep a call for pricing.


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Know your traffic trivia? Here's your chance to show us.

While standardization of traffic signs began in 1922, what year did the MUTCD expand the changes to include international uniformity?

Send your answer to marketing@MoboTrex.com with Traffic Trivia in the subject line.
The answer to the June 19th trivia is "Picture B- Polara Bulldog Pushbutton. The other item is the Simon-memory game.


Flash flooding = floating signal?
Video submitted by Mike Peterson, Thorne Electric.

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