Tuesday Update from the Head of School
Dear Green Hedges Families,
Looking outside of my office window in Kilmer House, I see the vibrant green leaves on trees and the immaculate groundskeeping of Mr. Kidwell. I see the Science & Native Garden in full bloom, thanks to the watchful tending of Mr. Fisher. I hear birds chirping and feel the wonderful warmth of Spring in the air. Of course, there is one thing that is sorely missing--the laughter, joy, and spirit of your children. I can imagine that this time of year would be full of lunch periods spent outside, lessons in the Science & Native Garden and the outdoor classroom, Grade 3 practicing the Maypole outside my office, time spent gardening and tending to plants, and much, much more.
While we are not able to be on campus enjoying the sights and sounds of Spring, I find solace in knowing that some of our traditions, old and new, will still take place. They may not look the same, but the spirit of each remains intact--bringing together our families, engaging in meaningful activities that serve the greater community, and fostering cross-grade connections and bonds. Teacher Appreciation Week was a wonderful example of celebrating our faculty in an innovative way and I thank the Parent Association for showing them so much love!
The events below are for our students, parents, and families and I hope that each one of them brings happiness, comfort, and a sense of familiarity to you.
Jennifer Bohnen
Head of School
April 24 - Cross Grade Level Visits (Half-Day)
On this half-day Friday, students will spend the morning participating in special cross-grade activities. Grades will be paired up with one another so that they are able to “see each other” and re-connect. Cross-grade level connections happen all the time while we are in school and this is just one opportunity for students who would normally cross paths several times a day to do so virtually over the course of one morning.
9 a.m. - 10 a.m. Cross-Grade Level Activities (Zoom Links are included below)

10 a.m.- 10:30 a.m. Snack and Recess

10:30 a.m. - 11 a.m. PE Activity/Specials 

11 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Specials/PE Activity

11:30 a.m. Day Concludes
May 1 - Community Engagement: #lovegrowshere Day
Our re-imagined #lovegrowshere Day on May 1 is an opportunity for our families to show appreciation for those serving on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The School will provide blank lawn signs and metal stakes that we would like the students to decorate with messages of encouragement for men and women who are in the healthcare, delivery, grocery, postal, non-profit, restaurant, law enforcement, and other industries and are working tirelessly to keep us healthy, safe, and protected. Once done with the lawn signs, we would like families to display them in their front yards. Class time will be set aside on Friday, May 1 to create and decorate the lawn signs.
I would like to invite families to participate in this day. While your student may be making the sign during the school day, I encourage you to think about this as a family project and the lawn sign as your family’s message to our essential neighbors.
More details about the pick up of the lawn signs and #lovegrowshere Day will be sent on Friday. Throughout next week, there will be opportunities to virtually support organizations we intended to partner with during Community Engagement Week.
May 8 - Virtual Grandparents’ and Special Friends Day (Half-Day)
While we are not able to celebrate Grandparents and Special Friends as we normally would have, they are invited to join me on May 8 at 9 a.m. as I welcome them to "school" and provide an overview of the Distance Learning school day at Green Hedges. There will also be an opportunity for Grandparents and Special Friends to ask me any questions about Green Hedges and Distance Learning. Parents are welcome to attend as well and the link to register is below.
Students will also write cards and notes to Grandparents and Special Friends during the school day on May 8.
We inspire young people of talent and promise to develop clear values, a desire for wisdom, and an appreciation for all endeavors which broaden the mind and enlighten the spirit.