A MESSAGE FROM The Rev. Tina Rathbone
It is so good to be back home with you all after a week away with family. Even without the wild explosion of color that is spring round here this would be true, but with it ….well….wow! I woke up this morning so full of the season’s surging power that I found myself charging from one bright thing to another, dipping in here, rushing out there, bursting with a string of new ideas that clamored after each other like blossoms on a vine.

It wasn’t until I sat still for a while in the chapel, taking some time to breath slowly in and slowly out that my mind began to settle. And what I found then was surprising: the beauty all around me didn’t lessen with stillness but rather increased, gaining in focus and particularity what my more generalized exuberance had blurred into sameness. I started to think then that much of life is this way. We many of us spend a lot of time charging after new, shiny projects, or ideas, or groups forgetting in the process that it takes time to actually see and be seen, to hear and be heard, to meet and be met both by God and our neighbor.

Can you find a way to take even ten minutes today then to stop, and sit still, and simply breathe? Nothing will be lost if you do, I promise. And all that is already will be deepened as you let yourself sink a little, and open, and begin again to really see…
Thanks so much to volunteers who came out to help this week! Holly, Jim Wade, and Dutch lent a hand. Laura and Frank Walton came to help relocate some of our well established perennials, and remove some others. Frank is completing a certificate course for the Western MA Master Gardeners Association and will be leading out Interns on a tour of the Berkshire Botanical Gardens this summer.

Cup plant, Silphium perfolatorium, loves the garden site and has thrived at 8-12 feet tall! I adore this plant for its cupped leaves. "Each flower headhas 20-30 yellow rays and darker yellow disks. Stout leaves are joined at stem to form a small cup that holds water and attracts birds."
Together we potted up a total of 634 plants! 190 Cherry tomatoes, 280 slicing tomatoes, 56 eggplant, and 90 tomatillos. These plants collectively will likely result in over 2,000 of our harvest this summer.

Opportunities to come lend a hand this week at the garden:

Tuesday 9-12pm
Wednesday 2-4pm
Friday 830-11am

Email with additional times you are available, questions, comments?

(A. Clausen)
Spring Cleaning?
Or cleaning out your garage?

Gideon Garden's Joel Jorgensen and his roommate are looking for help furnishing their new apartment in Great Barrington. They have very little by way of household goods and are – in his words - pretty much ‘starting from scratch.’ If you have any furniture, lamps, or kitchen items you no longer want, please reach out to Joel and he will be happy to come and pick it up. Joel’s email address is jcjorgensen97@gmail.com
Many thanks !

Our three-parish Community in Faith group will start up again on Tuesday,
May 10th with a four week lectionary based Bible Study facilitated by Rev. Tina. The group will meet over Zoom and will focus on the ways stories from the Gospel come to life through our own journeys of love, struggle and (sometimes stumbling) faith. Come join us! 
Here is the link:  click here
Announcement from the Communications Office
“The Way of the Cross: Ending Gun Violence in Massachusetts” premiered on Palm Sunday, April 10th at 7 p.m. Click the video on the left and set up a reminder to watch.
Way of the Cross" video walk across MA
invites prayer & action to end gun violence.
Even with strong gun safety laws already in place in Massachusetts, statistics gathered by Everytown for Gun Safety show that in an average year, 244 people die and 688 are wounded by guns in the state, and guns are the fourth leading cause of death among children and teens here. Nationally, gun deaths continue to be on the rise in the U.S., with gun murders increasing sharply in recent years and gun suicides accounting for a majority of U.S. gun deaths, according to the Pew Research Center.
Food Pantries and Meal Sites in Berkshire County
Below is the January 31, 2022
“List of Food Pantries & Meal Sites in Berkshire County”. 

Since program hours and days can change without notice, please call the location to be sure of times and requirements 

Please note that the Al Nelson Friendship Center Food Pantry has changed its delivery call-in hours to 10:00am – 2:00pm.
For list of Food Pantries and Meal Sites CLICK HERE
Berkshire South Regional Community Center
is in the process of restarting their in-person community meals and are looking for volunteers. https://berkshiresouth.org/forms-volunteer-application/
Announcing the opening of
Stanton Home’s Food Hub
Located on 205 North Plain Rd,
Great Barrington
The Farm stand will include fresh produce grown in their greenhouse and items created in the Weavery- all grown and made by the participants of Stanton Home- a farm based program for adults with challenges.
Join the walk for Huntington’s Disease on Sunday May 22, 2022
Registration begins at 8:30 am at 
The Guthrie Center, 2 Van Deusenville Rd.
Great Barrington, MA

Walk begins at 10.
We can’t wait to see everyone again!!!
For more information:
The People's Pantry Presents:

We’re thankful for our longstanding relationship with the Episcopal community in Great Barrington.
As St. James Church, they hosted the People’s Pantry when it first opened in 1990. Gideon’s Garden, their youth mission project, grows food for us each summer. They are now Grace Episcopal Church and their priest, Rev. Cristina Rathbone, greets our shoppers each Monday afternoon with coffee, cookies, and conversation.

-John Cheek

If anyone wants to volunteer at the People’s Pantry, there are shifts on Mondays from 3:30PM to 5:30PM, Thursdays from 8:30AM to 10:30AM and Thursdays 10:30AM to 12:30PM. Here’s the link:
Announcement from the Communications Office
Donate to Episcopal Relief & Development

MAKE AN URGENT GIFT-DONATE NOW Your immediate support will help Episcopal Relief & Development and other Anglican partners provide humanitarian assistance to people fleeing the violence in Ukraine. By contributing today you will join our online...
UKRAINE CRISIS FUND: Urgent aid for 4 million — Give now
CARE’s immediate crisis response aims to reach 4 million with your help.
Give now to rush urgently needed water, food, hygiene kits, and ongoing support for Ukrainian families.
The following note is from Ludmyla (Myla), who Andrea Saville White met through a knitting, and weaving website community.

I live in NJ with my husband and our two daughters, but I was born in Ukraine - Zhytomyr, a small town near Kyiv, and lived for 21 years in Kharkiv, Ukraine. All my grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, and aunts are buried there. My first school, first love, first steps, first friends, best friends, college and smiles and laughter, and peace - all left in the past.

What can I say without tears - I stand against this horrible war; I stand with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. So, so many of my friends and their families and some of my relatives are still left in Ukraine all over the country.

We try and help every single day with whatever we can - whether it’s meds, trying to get people out from hot spots - like from under the shelling in Kharkiv and Dnipro - volunteer with local organizations, send help to so many of my friends who are refugees in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Germany, and Latvia, and help our amazing volunteers who are right there on the ground whether it’s on the border or in Ukraine. 

Days begin with checking if all the people I know are alive and end with checking on the news and what I could help with following. 

I can’t be on the front lines and fight for my homeland physically, but I can knit and help with information.

NO WAR. Spread the word. Don’t stay silent. 
May there be PEACE in the world.

Myla’s Instagram: @mylasknitcorner
Myla’s FaceBook: mylasknitcorner
https://projectcure.org - Myla knows people who volunteer in Ukraine for this organization
https://hopeforukraine.net - Myla personally knows people who volunteer for this organization
To support BIC’s mission of serving local immigrants, become a sponsor of the One World Celebration. Please contact Development Director Sheryl Lechner at sheryl@berkshireic.org . Ticket sales will be opened to the general public in May.
It costs about $1500 a year to support a baby. The Diocese's goal is for one congregation 
to support one child for a year.  
To donate to support babies at the Mampong Babies Home in Ghana please send a check to Grace Church, PO Box 114, Great Barrington, MA 01230.

Becoming Beloved Community
Watch this short video about the establishment of an African-American cultural heritage center in Great Barrington at the old Clinton A.M.E. Church.

Visit the Clinton Church Restoration website here.
Two Opportunities to Support Local Black History & the Black Community
Read about the plans for a statue of W.E.B. DuBois at the Mason Library here

( Lee Cheek)
Mission Matters
News from the
Episcopal Diocese 
of Western Massachusetts  

Mission Matters -- Repairing. Rebuilding. Reimagining

Province I 2022 Conference Date Changed
to June 7 and 8
June 7, 6pm
June 8, 7pm

The first evening will be open to all Episcopalians in New England and guests, with a special focus on welcoming the province's General Convention Deputies, while the second evening will be a business session of the bishops and elected delegates of the Province I Conference to elect a lay representative to the Executive Council of General Convention.

More details to follow.

Trinity, Lenox hosts Monthly Service for Victims of Gun Violence
First Saturday of the month, 8am

2022 Appalachian Trail
Mini-Mission Day Trip
June - August, 2022

Begun in 2018 as a shared ministry of two Sheffield churches, First Congregational Church, UCC and Christ Trinity Church (Episcopal and Lutheran), Mini-Mission Trip ‘Trail Magic” is back and we’re inviting you to share it with us. Spend a day outdoors chatting with hikers and friends, and sharing refreshments!

For more information, or to register for a 2022 Mini-Mission Day Trip please contact Rev. Jill Graham at grahamj@firstuccsheffield.org.
Community as a gift from God
Morning has broken
Loving, all-seeing God who springs anew every morning
You fill us with joy each day
We sing a new song of thanksgiving for your creation.
Announcement from the Communications Office
The Bishop established a Compline community in 2020 that continues in faithfulness. Lent is the perfect time to expand to five nights a week and create a new recurring Zoom link. In addition to The Rt. Rev. Mark Beckwith and the Very Rev. Jim Munroe, Licensed Lay Worship Leaders will be added for Thursday and Friday evenings. The NEW Zoom info is available HERE.

Join us for lively conversation
and fellowship at the
Aegean Breeze
327 Stockbridge Rd.
Great Barrington MA
on May 15, at 6:00 PM

Separate checks/All are welcome
For more information contact
George Raymond.
Join us for a discussion of
Jainee McCarroll is the discussion leader
on Thursday, June 2
at 7:00 PM on Zoom.

To join this Zoom meeting,
Meeting ID: 177 160 858
Password: 917937
We will meet at the home of Steve White at 6:00 pm on the evening of May 18. 
Men of Grace, join us in Steve's (and Andrea's) warm, dry and cozy home for some great food and fellowship!

After dinner, Peter Kirchoff will regale us with tales of his life and times.
Contact George Raymond
Wednesday, May 11
at 6:00 PM
in person and on Zoom.
Our host for dinner will be Martha Katz. Martha will also lead our discussion. Bring a dessert, beverage, side dish or an appetizer.
Our gathering ends at promptly at 9:00PM. Questions? Please contact Peter Kirchoff.
For Zoom:
Meeting ID: 177 160 858
Password: 917937
or call 646 558 8656 US (New York)
All are welcome!

Step into Grace 
Where strangers become friends 

We are an Open and Affirming church. Every one of every age, race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental ability, or economic status is invited to join us as together we live out the Gospel message of love, forgiveness, service, and justice. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey- you are welcome here.
Fifth Sunday of Easter
Holy Eucharist
May 15, 10:00 AM
In person at Crissey Farms and
live-streamed on ZOOM
Please visit our website: 
for up-to-date information and a link to the digital service booklet.

Celebrant and Officiant:
The Rev. Tina Rathbone

Welcome Team..... R.Gore/M. Doelman
Acolyte...................Peter Kirchoff
Lector.....................Laura Dahl
Intercessor.............Pennie Curry
Chalice Bearer........Holly Murray/Caroline
Healing Team........ K. Clausen/S. Gore
Tech....................... Abe Streeter
Flowers.................. TBD
Altar Guild............. M. Layton/D. Holmes
Coffee Hour........... M.Kirchoff/ Carol Way
Counters.................R. Gore/ M. Layton


that we are migrating all meeting links to this one address. If you have a saved link specific to a group,
it will not work after April 16. Use the following one from April 16 on, unless the link was created by a different church or outside group. 

To join Zoom meetings:
Meeting ID: 177 160 858
Passcode: 917937
Or call:646 558 8656,
(New York)

Fifth Sunday of Easter
Holy Eucharist
May 15, at 10:00 AM
In person at Crissey Farm
and on Zoom
Meeting ID: 177 160 858
Passcode: 917937
Or call:646 558 8656,
(New York)

Contemplative Eucharist
Wednesday at 10:00 AM
In person at Grace Chapel and on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 177 160 858
Passcode: 917937
Or call:646 558 8656,
(New York)

Community in Faith
begins Tuesday, May 10
at 7:00 PM
It will be a lectionary study .
For Zoom: Click Here

Centering Prayer
Thursdays, at 5:00 PM
In person and on Zoom
To join Zoom meetings:
Meeting ID: 177 160 858
Passcode: 917937
Or call:646 558 8656,
(New York)

Grace Church Men's Group
Wednesday, May 18
6:00 PM,
in person
Please see article above for more information, or contact George Raymond.

Movie Nite
Thursday, June 2
at 7:00 PM
To join Zoom meetings:
Meeting ID: 177 160 858
Passcode: 917937
Or call:646 558 8656,
(New York)

Books and Bread,
Wednesday, June 8
6:00 PM
In person and on Zoom
To join Zoom meetings:
Meeting ID: 177 160 858
Passcode: 917937
Or call:646 558 8656,
(New York)

Third Sunday Supper 
(Every Third Sunday)
May 15, at 6:00 PM
In person
More information in the
article to found above.

Fifth Sunday
of Easter
John 13:31-35

At the last supper, when Judas had gone out, Jesus said, "Now the Son of Man has been glorified, and God has been glorified in him. If God has been glorified in him, God will also glorify him in himself and will glorify him at once. Little children, I am with you only a little longer. You will look for me; and as I said to the Jews so now I say to you, 'Where I am going, you cannot come.' I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."

When Christ was Lifted from the Earth
The King of love my shepherd is,
whose goodness faileth never;
I nothing lack if I am his,
and he is mine for ever.

Where streams of living water flow,
my ransomed soul he leadeth,
and where the verdant pastures grow,
with food celestial feedeth.

In death’s dark vale I fear no ill
with thee, dear Lord, beside me;
thy rod and staff my comfort still,
thy cross before to guide me.

And so through all the length of days
thy goodness faileth never:
Good Shepherd, may I sing thy praise
within thy house for ever.
For the most up to date information
please visit the
Berkshire Vaccine Collaborative website, 
They will post notice of appointment openings 6-12 hours in advance. You can find answers to your vaccination questions including information about the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine on their FAQ page.
Covid-19 vaccination
booster shots
are now available for those with certain big-risk medical conditions at Walgreens and Fairview Hospital on a walk-in basis. If you think you might have a qualifying condition, we urge you to go to one of these locations for a booster shot.
The Vestry met on Sunday, April 24.

At this meeting we took a careful look at the ways we as a community care for one another. Many of you are aware of and participate in the ongoing prayer practice for one another as suggested by the prayer cards we send out approximately once a year. We are preparing new lists to include new members and those will be going out next month. Now that we are hopefully past the most vicious part of Covid, we are restarting and enlarging the practice of sending our Lay Eucharistic Visitors to those who are unable to get to church. If you are interested in learning more about this speak to Tina. We also are starting a new level of caring called Helping Hands. As we envision this we will be able to respond to anyone who has an illness, which keeps him/her at home for an extended time or is recovering from surgery, say, and needs extra help to get through that period of time. Meals, shopping assistance and providing rides would all be part of this new offering. More information will be forthcoming about Helping Hands.

Of course we conducted the usual business and are all deeply grateful for the extensive work done by both Tina and Sue Gore, Treasurer, on the parochial report. Sue also participated in the annual audit and presented the results which show what an extraordinary job she does as our treasurer. Thank you Sue!


Praying for each other and for the needs of the world is a vital mission of Grace Church. To add a prayer request to this list, please contact the Church Office 
office@graceberkshires.org or by phone 413-644-0022.
We supply this list so you may contact members of our congregation who are at home or in a nursing facility. Please hold in your prayers and reach out as you can.

659 South Egremont Road 
P.O. Box 714 
Great Barrington, MA 01230 
BLAKELY, Rosemarie           
21 Crossway, #108
Lee, MA 01238

BOWENS, Marina             
c/o Maryella Satinover    
11908 Windward Ave.
Mar Vista, CA 90066

BREASTED, John        
Fairview Commons       
151 Christian Hill Road
Great Barrington, MA 01230

BROOKS, Jane        
165 George Street
Lee, MA 01230
FRYE, Vonnie          
PineHill Assisted Living
at Kimball Farms
235 Walker St.
Apt #32
Lenox, Ma. 01240

GORE, Barbara        
50 Stockbridge Road
Lee, MA 01238

HAIDER, Meredith       
5 Fox Hollow Road
Lenox, MA 01240                                 

McCURDY, Deborah
Skilled Nursing Center
Loomis Lakeside at Reed's Landing
807 Wilbraham Road
Springfield, MA 01109

TURNER, Barbara     
Fairview Commons
151 Christian Hill Road
Great Barrington, MA 01230 
Our New Prayer Basket

We welcome you to use our new prayer basket.
On Sundays you will find a basket near the welcome table, with slips of paper available for you to write down prayer requests. You can ask for prayers for those who are ill, or in need of healing or encouragement of any kind, prayers for intentions, journeys, or projects, the birth or adoption of children, and prayers of thanksgiving for anything that needs celebrating. In other words, please ask for any prayers that are important to you and those you love. You may identify yourself and those for whom prayers are needed, but names are not necessary or required. These requests will be prayed for by our healing ministers both during the service and during the week for a period of one month. Keep an eye out for the basket!!

(K. Clausen)
Healing Prayers

If you would like to receive healing prayers from
The Rev. Ted Cobden, Pennie Curry, or Sue Gore,
please refer to your directory for their contact
information, or contact the Grace office.

Please include
in your daily prayers this week:
Members of the Parish Family:
John and Lee Cheek; Sue Gore, George Raymond; Doreen Hutchinson, Anne Andrews, Pennie Curry, Dindy and Mark Anderson, Stacey, Claire and Mark Thomas, Meredith Haider, Linda White, Rosemarie Blakely, Marina Bowens, John Breasted, Jane Brooks, Vonnie Frye, Barbara Gore, Barbara Turner.

Others we love: All those grieving the death of Nelda Curry, especially Cooper; Rino Aldrighetti, dear friend of Steve White; Wyatt Hicks; Karen
La Rocque, friend of Sue Gore; Rosalind Haywood, Sue Gore's mother; Deborah McCurdy; Joy Milani, dear friend of Dindy Anderson.

Those who have died:
Ed Hunt; Richard Edelstein, husband of Pat and beloved friend of our congregation; Larry Cheek, John's brother; Hugh Pecon; Archbishop Desmond Tutu; Nelda Curry; Sam Raymond, brother of George; Vanessa Neves, daughter of Patti Poulos, friend of many in the congregation; Sara Bowers; Sara Keene; Jim Santolin dear friend of Rick and Sue Gore; Robert Bruce Martin, and Alexandra Pratt, friends of Monique; Bernadette McCarroll, beloved family member of Jainee, John & Ellis; Thomas J. Fisher, father of The Rt. Rev. Douglas Fisher; Alan Sparks, brother of Debbie Holmes; Ruth Crawford; John Grammer, husband of Mary Anne; Neil Brandt, brother of Linda White; John Turner, husband of Barbara Turner; Leslie Albert, friend of Margaret Layton and Sarah Sieber.

Our world: For the people of Ukraine and of Russia, that Peace may prevail, and human fear and suffering diminish around the world. For the people of the Holy Land, and of Afghanistan and Haiti, who continue to struggle with insecurity, violence and who have struggled for so long under burdens almost too great to bear. For all victims of gun violence, and for those who inflict violence on others. For people who suffer from the COVID-19 virus, those who have died and those who mourn; caregivers and those who have been affected through loss of work, income, and housing. For all who are alone or afraid or despairing. For prisoners, unhoused people, newly arrived immigrants and all our neighbors, near and far.

The many ministries of our local community and the Diocese of Western Massachusetts:
especially for our partners at St. Paul's, Stockbridge and the Rev. Sam Smith and the Rev. Jane Tillman; Christ Trinity, Sheffield and the Rev. Erik Karas; our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Douglas J. Fisher; and the Mampong Babies' Home in Ghana; St. Helena’s, Lenox; Creation Care; Mampong Babies Home, Ghana; Trinity Church, Milford; Bement-Waterfield Educational Grant Committee; National Episcopal Health
Ministries; Episcopal Parish Services

The Church's wider mission:
The Scottish Episcopal Church

And we offer thanks: for all those celebrating birthdays or anniversaries this week: Nancy Fishell, 5/16; Richard Edelstein 5/18, in memory; Gino Furio, 5/21.

Join us for
Centering Prayer
now in person and on ZOOM

Every Thursday
5:00 - 6:00 PM

Encouraging a practice of silence and stillness we focus on practices of Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina using scripture, art and music. All are welcome.
Meeting ID: 177 160 858
Passcode: 917937
Or call:646 558 8656,
(New York)
In this time of fear and anxiety, it can be easy to miss the daily blessings that are right in front of us. Being grateful is not just for good times. Being grateful is even more important when fear sets a place at your table and heartbreak seems to be in your every breath. Because by being grateful we become aware of all the ways God is working in us. Being grateful is a part of our healing and our deliverance. Being grateful is where our best selves reside.
Thank you for giving generously to support the ministry of Grace.  You may continue to mail your contributions to Grace Church, P.O. Box 114, Great Barrington, MA 01230. As we begin to gather in person, you may bring your contribution to our services on Sunday, once again.
Kids of all ages: 
Please join us for Sunday school. We will meet during the first part of the service and then
re-join the service at the Peace.
The children are "burying the alleluias” for Lent.

Below, on Easter Day, they are decorating the cross with flowers.
Please place your dedications in an envelope and include the name of the person you wish to honor.

Please note that $35.00 contributions toward the flower purchases can be sent to the Grace Office or placed in the Offertory Collection.
An Episcopal Community in the Southern Berkshires
67 State Road/P.O. Box 114, Great Barrington, MA 01230

GRACE Parish Administrator: Ms. Jean Chapin
You can reach the church office by emailoffice@graceberkshires.org 
and by phone 413-644-0022.
The Rev. Tina Rathbone
revtina at graceberkshires.org
Ms. Annalise Clausen, Director of Farming for Gideon's Garden
gideonsgarden at graceberkshires.org
Senior Warden ........Kathy Clausen
Junior Warden ........Pennie Curry
Treasurer ..................Sue Gore
Clerk ...........................Mary Anne Grammer

Class of 2023..........Dindy Anderson, Holly Murray, John Cheek
Class of 2024..........Anne Andrews, Dutch Pinkston
Class of 2025..........Cathy Haywood, Andrea White, Laura Jordahl
Tuesday's Child Editor Monique Kirchoff 
Associate Editor Kathy Clausen
Please send comments by emailing tuesdayschild@graceberkshires.org