June 28, 2022
Five 5 Great Summer Job Opportunities for Students

It’s summertime and the living is easy – at least we hope it is for you! Summer is a great time for students to earn some money to help cover college costs. There are several things for students to consider when thinking about taking on a summer job: pay, length of commitment, experience to add to their resume, and a schedule that still allows for some free time. Here are five areas of summer employment that might be worth considering:
1. Retail Sales
Retail jobs are plentiful in the summer months, especially at factory and outlet stores in Kittery and Freeport. There are also some great opportunities at home repair retailers like Lowes and Home Depot, who offer tuition reimbursement programs for employees, including those working part-time. No matter the retail sales position, it's a great opportunity to further develop "people skills" and gain sales experience.

2. Hospitality
Maine’s hospitality industry is always looking for help during the booming summer tourist season. Hotel front desk clerk positions are currently being advertised with wages from $14-$20 per hour. During the busy summer months, hotels usually need front desk coverage 24 hours a day, so there are shifts available throughout the day and night. For those who are outgoing, friendly, and organized, working as a food and drink server offers the potential for substantial income in tips. These fast-paced environments are great places to gain experience in customer service, which is beneficial regardless of one's future career path.

3Working with Children
For those interested in careers in education and child development, summer provides numerous opportunities to work with children of all ages. Jobs for babysitters and camp counselors are fun, plentiful, and convenient for someone looking for weekends off. Online tutoring gigs can also be attractive as the hours tend to be flexible. Sites like Tutor.com and TutorMe.com are looking for college students and recent high school graduates to help fill summer and year-round needs.

4. Working on a College Campus
On-campus jobs can be a good fit for students who are taking classes during the summer. Many colleges are looking for campus tour guides, orientation staff, office staff, peer tutors, and special event staff to meet their summer needs. Students who are able to find work with one of their professors or within their academic department could see that summer job turn into a great letter of recommendation for graduate school or for their first job out of college.

5. Internships
Students who can land a paid internship in their field get a “three-for,” as these positions are great ways to maximize summer earnings, receive college credit, and gain valuable work experience, all of which are resume gold. Look for local paid internships at Internships.com or research internship opportunities with Maine’s leading employers. For example, Cianbro Institute offers internships for students pursuing a degree in engineering, safety, health, environmental studies, construction management, information technology, business, or finance.
Bonus Tip: 
Any job that offers tuition assistance could be a great fit for students looking for help paying their college bill. Chipotle, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, UPS, CMP, Gap, Target, Marriot, and Hilton are some employers in Maine who offer tuition assistance to their employees.

Summer is the perfect time to earn extra income to help cover college costs. The key is to use summer income wisely and make a habit of saving a set percentage of each paycheck. With so many opportunities available that can accommodate a student’s lifestyle and schedule, it’s easier than ever to find a summer job with the right work-life balance.
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