Builder's Risk 

Recent Successes
Remodel/Addition - $2.5M Single Shot
Infrastructure Builder's Risk - road that includes a bridge over a river - 3 month policy term
Monthly Reporting for homes up to $750k, 200 homes annually

2 year project, 3 phases residential exposure - $28M TIV

Residential development - 35 Homes monthly reporter limits $5M
WestPac/Virtus Roadshow

Starting in 2019, our WestPac/Virtus marketing team is hitting the road as we look to grow new relationships and expand our geographical reach. 

We're initially targeting Idaho, Arizona, Nevada and Kansas City. Look to hear from Alexandra or Steve as they are in your area; or reach out to them for an appointment!

Reno - 3/18 - 3/20
Kansas City - 4/16 - 4/18
Idaho - TBD
Phoenix/Tucson - TBD
As the region's leading wholesalers for construction business, WestPac and Virtus' experience, knowledge, and diverse market offerings give agents the ability to place Builder's Risk opportunities with confidence.

  • Residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects accepted - all construction types
  • High value buildings and projects
  • New construction, renovations, projects already underway
  • High protection classes accepted (PC 9 and 10)
  • Highly competitive rates for frame construction  
  • Admitted and E&S A.M. Best "A" and "A+" carriers
  • Flexible policy periods
  • Multiple state locations accepted
  • Inland Marine/Equipment also available
  • Quick quote turnaround
Single Shot Forms
  • Annual or project specific term available
  • Owner or contractor as named insured
  • CAT capacity available for wind & quake
  • Flood can be written in excess of NFIP
Reporting Forms
  • Ideal for multiple projects within a year
  • Low minimum earned premiums
  • New Start Reporting Options
  • Monthly, annual, or blanket rates available
  • Option to cover pre-existing inventory

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