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WestPac/Virtus Roadshow
Our WestPac/Virtus marketing team is hitting the road as we look to grow new relationships and expand our geographical reach!
Look to hear from Alexandra or Steve as they are in your area; or reach out to them for an appointment!
Upcoming Trips
Kansas City: 1/21 - 1/23
Afraid of Social Media? Don't be, we've got YOU covered!
Do you want to stay on top of industry news, be in the know about upcoming events, receive all updates with WestPac and Virtus and get to know our staff? Follow us on  Social Media! It's a great way for us to hear your feedback so we can develop and continue to meet your needs. Don't be shy, try it out!

Quickest Path to Your Quote
We know the value of a quick turnaround time for our agents and their insureds; that's why our brokers strive to turn around quotes in 24-48 hours (when binding authority applies). However, the actual timing depends on a few factors,  MOST importantly, having complete submissions. Please send the following for us to quote:

WestPac and Virtus have the ability to accept Agency payments online! 

WestPac and Virtus have different URLs, make sure you are signed into the correct account when making payments. 

Please contact  Jake Goin  with any payment related questions. 

Tips and Tidbits:
  • Sign up is easy!
    • All you need is your Agency ID (let us know if you need this) and your Agency ZIP code.
  • These are secure sites.
  • There are no minimums.
  • There is  no fee  if you use ACH
    • There is a 3.25% fee if using a credit card.
  • westpacins.epaypolicy.com/
  • virtusund.epaypolicy.com/

Agents , we've heard you and your reques ts to find our information easier and to  contact us faster! We have installed a  Live Chat feature on our website and whether you  are at your desk or on the go, you can always get real time answers to your questions. We love speaking to you, but we understand in today's fast paced  environment, phone and email convers atio n s sometim es are not possible.

Why use our Live Chat feature? Great question, because it can be a  very beneficial tool to your entire team!
  • Get real-time answers to questions
  • Get help finding information on our website
  • Get policy specific apps and supplementals emailed directly to you
  • Get help paying an invoice
  • Many more features!!!

WestPac and Virtus are constantly striving to make it easier and more efficient to do business with us and your feedback is always encouraged to help us grow. 


Thank you for helping us become a better partner!

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As always, we deeply value the continued support of our agency and carrier partners.  Our success is contingent upon you and we remain committed to developing our relationships to achieve our common goals. 
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