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March 12, 2013
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March 20
February  contest: 

Fantail, Tug Gowanus Bay.  A historic tug in Kingston, the Bay is a common site at the Roundup.  This year we're proud to proclaim the Gowanus Bay the 2014 Tug of the Year.  See the article below.  

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September 6, 7 & 8, 2013
Waterford Harbor

  Now, this is spring.  The daffodils are just starting to come up and days are getting, slowly, perceptibly warmer.  Sure, there are still some frosty nights, it's only March, there will still be some tickles of winter at the toes, but that really good weather is close.  
Summer is a time of celebration throughout the Northeast.  There are hundreds of things to do and not nearly enough time to do them. 
There are places to visit, events to celebrate, places and history to explore. 
To make it easier, the Tugboat Roundup, coming up on its 14th year, will still happen on the weekend after Labor Day.  There.  Less competition with all those other things you want to do. 
You can safely add the Roundup to the calendar, once again.

With this in mind, help spread the word.  Forward this newsletter to a friend, "Like" us on Facebook and consider being a sponsor - or talking your company into being a sponsor for this celebration of history, water, commerce, fireworks and fun.  We're looking to the future, too, with constantly renewing interest in the waterways of New York State.

The Tugboat Roundup
What We're Planning for 2013...
More Tugboats, of course
*A Saturday Roundtable for Captains and Crew to discuss
"Inland Waterway Utilization"
*Line Tossing     *Fender Making    *Line Splicing    *Knot Tying (timed)
*Knot Tying (a lesson)     *The "Push-Off" (nose to nose competition)     *Awards     *Pony Rides   *Face Painting   *Boat Rides   *Tug Tours  
*Lots and lots of music    *Food
And good times. 
Announcing "Tug-of-the-Year, 2013"  
A Historic Tug of 1956, Built for the Army as an ST Class Boat,
The Gowanus Bay is proud in Kingston  
The Tugboat Roundup
proudly designates one particular boat as theTug-Of-The-Year.  In 2013, our 14th Roundup, the Gowanus Bay is the recipient of this honor.
It truly is an honor to the boat and the crew, and is a testament to the quality of the crew and the boat, it's history, purpose and dedication to the Roundup.  The image of the Gowanus Bay will grace this year's pennant, t-shirt and other items. 
About the Bay:
Built by Smith Basin Drydock Company in Port Everglades in 1956, the Bay was first known as ST-2201 Falmouth.  Built for and operated by the U.S. Army, the Bay is now based in Kingston, NY and an often seen part of the Roundup. Powered by a single, 600 hp engine, the Bay has a fuel capacity of nearly 6,000 gallons and a water capacity of 900 gallons.   It draws a little over 8 feet of water and is one of the tallest boats which visit the Roundup, just squeaking under the 112th St. bridge.   It's 6' diameter propeller generates nearly 9 tons of bollard pull (a way to measure the tug's "strength").

Have You Seen This?
We've had it posted on Facebook, but it deserves to be posted againThe Cornell, Gowanus Bay, Penn Barge 399, and Gowanus Bay come upriver to The Tugboat Roundup, 2012.
Ride The River
Ride The River

What's in a Name?
A lot - really!

Actually, there's a lot. A story is behind every name, of course. Seldom are names actually bestowed with a dart and board, but instead with due consideration.

When it comes to naming a boat, pleasure boaters will often pick a name reflecting their views, dreams or means of escape.   Government boats are often named after a location, a method or application. Commercial vessels are often named after family or associate and sometimes after a region or maybe a mission.

This occurred to us as a sidebar when someone asked, where did the name Gowanus Bay come from?   So, we looked back a bit.

The USCG Tug Wire, Roundup's Tug-of-the-Year in 2011 and 2012, is considered aWYTL (a class of multi-purpose tugs built for the Coast Guard). Each of them are named after tug-type equipment, such as Hawser, Line, Shackle, Cleat, Bollard and Wire.

This year's Tug-of-the-Year is the Gowanus Bay. So, how did the boat get that name?

The owner of the boat is Rob Ianucci, and simply, he renamed it when he bought it because of a family fondness for the way it just rolled off the tongue. The mnemonic just worked right. Today, the Gowanus Bay is maintained in a navy grey coat, traditional for army tugs.

Gowanus Bay is an actual place, located along the Brooklyn shore just across the river from Manhattan. The Bay itself has a long boat and ship building history. The John J Harvey fireboat, a former "Tug-of-the-Year" recipient, was built there.

The Gowanus Bay has been coming to the Roundup for several years, of course (make sure you find the video of its trip north for the Roundup last fall, within this newsletter). Built in 1956 in the ST class (ST-2201 Falmouth), it served many years for the army, followed by a short commercial stint and now a historic tug in Kingston.

Currently, the boat is engaged in special tours, visits and events throughout the Hudson Valley. Just in time for the Christmas season, the Gowanus Bay delivered Sinterklass across the River from Roundout to Rhinecliff last year. The tug complements the owners collection of World War II PT Boats and other historic boats and barges in the Kingston area and graciously helps the Hudson River Maritime Museum with towing needs. 


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The Music of the Roundup
"If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music."
 -Albert Einstein

Here's who played in 2012:  
George Ward

All Nite Long, classic rock and blues. 

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