Happy Valentine's Day! Please accept this update on The Sato Project's rescue efforts in Puerto Rico in lieu of a box of chocolates. Your support allows us to pursue our dreams, and to give the gift of a second chance at life to so many deserving dogs every year - and we love you for it! 

2018 has been off to an incredibly busy and challenging start. I've just returned to Puerto Rico after a 2 week puppy press tour in NYC around this year's Puppy Bowl XIV. The Sato Project has already rescued over 100 dogs since Jan 1! We sent 25 puppies on our first Freedom Flight of the year exactly one month ago, and we're gearing up for our first huge transport of the year, with another 125 dogs scheduled to fly to New Jersey on February 24, and on to their foster and forever homes. Please read on below for more details and press highlights! 
On a personal level, I'm not going to lie - 2017 was a tough year, and Hurricane Maria was almost a knockout punch. So many people on the island are still struggling with lack of power and clean water. But this month we started to rebuild our house in San Juan which was destroyed in the storm, and I am more than ready to go another round.  The Sato Project has never been a stronger or more determined team, and we have big goals this year to help more dogs than ever before. Thank you for being in our corner. We couldn't do this work without you.  

-- Chrissy Beckles, President and Founder
Two Satos Featured in Puppy Bowl XIV
This year's Super Bowl Sunday brought with it the opportunity for animal lovers and football fans alike to come together over Puppy Bowl XIV. Two teams of puppies faced off to see who could score the most points and be voted as MVP (Most Valuable Puppy!). The Sato Project had two dogs on the field for the 7th year in a row. With its focus on rescue dogs and shelters, Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl has become an annual opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of pet rescue and adoption. This year's Puppy Bowl included dogs from 48 shelters across 25 states, Mexico, and of course our very own Puerto Rican pups, Archer and Kaleb, Jr., who scored a winning touchdown in the last quarter! Both of them, survivors  of Hurricane Maria, did an excellent job representing the #SatoStrong spirit.  The two puppies also helped raise awareness for Puerto Rico and other satos by leading the way to get The Sato Project featured on ABC News, ABC7NY, NY1, Bustle, Huffington Post, Harry TV (keep reading for some exciting news below) and more, all during the week leading up to the Puppy Bowl.  In case you missed it, the latest Puppy Bowl can still be watched by clicking here.

Our #SatoStrong Puppy Bowl athletes, Archer (left) and Kaleb, Jr. (right).  
San Juan, PR to Morristown, NJ: 
125 Dogs to Arrive February 24th  

In the 5 months since Hurricanes Maria and Irma, Puerto Rico continues to struggle to rebuild. Roughly 30- 40% of the island's population remains without power. Unfortunately, these months of chaos brought a surge of homeless puppies along with them. When the hurricanes hit, all spay and neuter efforts on the island had to cease and the majority of vets offices were closed. This, in conjunction with family dogs being left behind to  fend for themselves, means we are seeing more unintended puppies be born more than ever before in the 11 years we have been working here. It has been hard for us to see so many years of our hard work minimizing  Puerto Rico's street dog population take such a huge step backward.  But our team has remained on the ground every step of the way and will continue saving as many dogs as we can. In a normal year, we would usually transport between 300-350 dogs. Since September, we have safely transported over 1,000 dogs to the mainland United States and reunited 183 dogs with their families.

On February 24th, thanks to a special partnership with The Humane Society and Wings of Rescue, our second Freedom Flight of 2018 will land in Morristown, NJ with 125 dogs on board.  A mix of puppies, adult dogs and some special seniors, all of thearrivals will be staying either with our foster network or one of our shelter partners.  One senior has particularly  captured our hearts. Luna (pictured to the right) was abandoned after Hurricane Maria and found wondering the streets alone. We are so thankful we were able to take this special girl into our program.   Are you interested in adopting a hurricane survivor into your family? Below are a few of the other adoptable faces who  will soon be gracing us with their presence.  Be sure to follow us on social media (@thesatoproject) to stay updated on all of the dogs that will be flying in. Email if you see one you would like to take home. 

Tuka's Howling Success

This past Christmas Eve, Tuka was found abandoned in a cardboard box along with her  two siblings, Coconut and Tanya, outside of our vet clinic, Mi Mascota. The vet, Dr. Feliciano, asked us if we could take them into our program and of course we didn't hesitat e. From the moment we first posted them on our Instagram page, the 3 siblings became a big hit. About a month later, Tuka and Coconut appeared on Harry TV as part of a Puppy Bowl segment featuring The Sato Project . It was there that the show's host, Harry Connick, Jr. says he "gravitated" toward Tuka, "almost like she was calling out to me." Coconut was already set to be fostered by P uppy Bowl Host Dan Schachner.  Harry decided to take Tuka in as a foster too.  Magically, the story does not end there. 

A few weeks later, Chrissy and Samantha appeared on Harry TV for an interview. After discussing The Sato Project's work and introducing a few other satos, Harry announced on air that he had some very special news to share. Tuka was becoming an official member of the family! You can watch the heartwarming segment below.   From cardboard box to celebrity penthouse, we couldn't be happier for our sweet little Tuka to be living the life she deserves. Luckily, all of her Instagram fans can still keep tabs on her luxurious life through her very own Instagram account,  @tukagramm . Thank you to Harry for sharing our story and being an advocate for all of our Puerto Rican survivors, and a big congratulations to Tuka! May she have a very Happy Valentine's Day at home with her new family. 

Harry Connick Jr Shares Exciting News with The Sato Project
Harry Connick, Jr. Shares Exciting News with The Sato Project

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The Sato Project is dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico, where there are an estimated 500,000 strays (referred to as "satos" in Puerto Rico). With only nine shelters on the island with over a 90% euthanasia rate, we have rescued over 2,500 dogs, rehabilitated them with the highest standards of veterinary care, and found them loving homes on the mainland U.S..  We are also working to make systemic change on the island through community outreach and a Spay, Neuter, Vaccinate and Microchip Program.
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