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August 14: Fall Tuition Bill Due

August 19: All Learning Modules Due

August 19: Classes begin!

August 25: Last day to confirm enrollment 
Hello Class of 2024, 

Tulane's campus has gone through a significant transition - and we're not just talking the latest updates to provide safer interaction across the campus. From our buildings to the people to the way we understand the relationship between all Tulanians: nothing is completely the same from four years ago. So how do we react to this change? Through acceptance, compassion, patience, and celebration, of course! Change is normal and expected. Change offers room for growth, reflection, and repair. You may have heard many times that "college is the time to learn more about yourself." The same is true for the college itself! 

Four years ago, you may have just started high school. Now you are here! Then, in another four years or so, you will be another version of yourself: a continuation of your lived experiences. Through the first stages of this transition, you can count on Team NSLP to see you through. Just do your best and practice accepting difference, sharing compassion, showing patience, and celebrating life.

Questions? We are here to point you in the right direction. Contact our team by emailing You'll also find helpful resources on our website, Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@tulanenslp) to get to know our team and learn about resources for new students!
Roll Wave,
Rachel Weber
New Student & Leadership Programs

DID YOU KNOW... 83% of the Tulane Class of 2023 said they came from more than 500 miles away from New Orleans? 

For over 50 years, Tulane has participated in The Freshman Survey (CIRP) - a national survey that gathers information about incoming college students. The survey asks about your expectations for college, your academic habits and experiences, what influenced your college choice, your goals and values, and how you spend your time. Your responses will be kept confidential. Results from this survey not only guide Tulane's program planning and support services, they are used by higher education researchers to better understand and improve the undergraduate college experience. Your voice counts! 

Look for an email dated July 30 with the subject line "REMINDER: Your Voice Counts" to access your personalized link and have your voice heard!
Documentation Required for Newcomb-Tulane Undergraduate Need-Based Augmentation Fund

If you filled out a survey about the Newcomb-Tulane Undergraduate Need-Based Augmentation Fund announced May 4 for any Newcomb-Tulane Undergraduates (excluding SoPA students), please note:
  • The Office of University Financial Aid invites those students/families with significant income losses (defined as an income loss of 15% or more for 2020) to complete our "COVID-19 Validation Worksheet" (
  • Those students completing the "COVID-19 Validation Worksheet" must also complete the following: 
    • 2020-2021 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    • If applicable, submit all required federal verification documents 
    • 2020-2021 College Scholarship Service(CSS) Profile application (NOTE: in separation/divorce situations the non-custodial parent must also complete a CSS Profile) 
    • Submit signed copies of parents' 2018 federal income tax returns, including all schedules and W-2 forms  
The Tulane University Financial Aid Office will only commence reviewing the completed validation worksheets of those students who have successfully provided all necessary documents for determining eligibility for federal and institutional need-based assistance.

If you have any questions on this process, please feel free to contact your financial aid counselor at  504-865-5723 or at the email address listed for individual counselors on the Tulane University Financial Aid Office website here  .
Get Involved at the 2020 Virtual Fall Activities Expo!
Activities Expo is a semesterly event during which student organization leaders and prospective organization members can meet and form new connections! 

There are over 300 registered student organizations at Tulane, so Expo provides an efficient and effective way for interested students to learn about joining a student organization. 

For more information about Expo, check out our Guide to Virtual Expo.
Office of Multicultural Affairs Programs

Register for the Virtual Intercultural Life Student Orientation Session 
Join us for a session to introduce you to the staff and student leaders of the Office Of Multicultural Affairs, The Office for Gender & Sexual Diversity, and Religious Life at Tulane. Stay for a panel discussion with BIPOC & LGBTQ+ students on navigating the campus community. Please register for the session that takes place on the second day of your move in date. The link to register for the Intercultural Life Student Orientation sessions can be found here. After registering, they will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. 

Connect with BIPOC Womxn 
OMA offers a program specifically centering BIPOC womxn called My Sister's Keeper. MSK is staffed by BIPOC womxn from OMA, The Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity aka OGSD, Newcomb Institute, The Well for Health Promotion, and Student Conduct. We meet weekly to explore self-empowerment, networking within communities of color, addressing the barriers to success for womxn of color in higher education, sexuality within communities of color, building healthy relationships, and healing after emotional and physical trauma. Registration Link

Request a Peer Mentor  
One of the programs we highly encourage new students to sign up for is our Peer Mentor program. As a mentee you will be assigned a mentor based on your shared preferences including racial, religious, and gender, identities, as well as academic interests and hobbies. This program is all about optimizing opportunities to connect with other students who share your interests, goals, and will go through similar experiences at Tulane. Mentees also participate in workshops about navigating life or adulting, networking, leadership, communication, and more. Peer Mentor-Mentee Application Link
Find Your Start with the Freshman Leadership Program!

The Freshman Leadership Program provides passionate students with the knowledge, mentorship, and resources necessary to become impact-driven individuals who shall find success in the activities they choose to partake in. 

With support from Undergraduate Student Government and other campus departments, FLP also exposes students to the knowledge, experience, and connections that will empower them to create change on Tulane's campus and in the surrounding New Orleans community. Click here to apply! 
Any questions regarding the program should be directed toward
Reminder: Health Insurance Deadline

We're excited that you have chosen to join us at Tulane! New students who are degree seeking and/or Tulane University sponsored students in J-1 status are required to have health insurance that meets or exceeds Tulane University standards, either through the Tulane-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (T-SHIP) or a comparable health insurance plan based in the United States. 

As of the 2020-2021 academic year, Tulane University requires all international students to enroll in T-SHIP. Newly enrolled Tulane international students will be automatically enrolled in T-SHIP and no action is required. The deadline for domestic students to take health insurance action is August 15th.

Campus Health On-Campus Pharmacy

The Campus Health Pharmacy, located on the first floor of the Health Center Uptown, is staffed by board-certified pharmacists and technicians. We offer prescription services, over-the-counter products, and medication education and counseling. For more information on our services, or how to transfer prescriptions to us, please visit
Accommodations for New Student Orientation
Tulane University strives to offer universally accessible programming. If you anticipate needing any type of reasonable accommodation or have questions about campus/event/orientation accessibility, please contact The Office of New Student and Leadership Programs at  in advance of your participation or visit.
NSLP Must-Brings
Make sure you bring these Team NSLP-approved items when you come to campus!

1. A good umbrella and rainboots (and maybe a waterproof backpack cover). Because here when it rains, it pours. Your textbooks will thank you. 
2. Masks on masks on masks. Make sure you have plenty of single-use or reuseable masks so you're never without one. 
3. Alcohol pads. These tiny wipes are a must-have for everyone. You can disinfect your phone, debit card, glasses, even your hands!
4. A reuseable water bottle. New Orleans is hot, so make sure you can hydrate on the go. Plus, you won't have to waste money or plastic on non-reuseable bottles. 
5.  Headphones. Not only are they great for listening to music during a workout or walk around campus, but they're crucial for virtual learning, especially if you and your roommate have class simultaneously.
Pre-Arrival and Move-In FAQs
Move-In and Orientation are just a few short weeks away, so take one last look at our FAQs to help you prepare.

What's happening at the Arrival Center?
The Arrival Center at the Hyatt Regency Hotel serves as your home base before you move on to campus. You will get your COVID-19 test here the first day you arrive in New Orleans. In addition to testing, the Center will host some programming for parents and students about safety, campus resources, and more. A detailed scheduled will be released soon.

When can I get tested for COVID-19?
The Arrival Center at the Hyatt will be open from August 8th to August 18th. Testing center hours are tentatively from 10am-9pm. Check the Campus Health website for more information.

I haven't been tested yet, and I'm kind of nervous. Is it as bad as everyone says?
Testing procedures can vary, so sometimes the test requires a simple nose swab, other times it requires a nasopharyngeal swab (that's the one where it goes further back in the nasal cavity). Whilst the latter is more uncomfortable, and feels a little weird, it's not painful, and it's  definitely worth doing. The whole thing lasts less than 10 seconds, and then it's over! No need to fret.

Can my family members get tested too?
Due to the amount of people needing a test, at this time, only students can be tested at the Arrival Center. If for any reason a family member does need a test whilst they're in New Orleans, they can find available testing centers at  

What's the plan with Move-In?
You will arrive on campus ready to move in at your designated time slot. We encourage everyone coming from the Hyatt to take the Tulane shuttle to campus. Once on campus, you'll report to your residence hall and receive further information from res hall staff. If you shipped boxes before July 31st according to Tulane's shipping instructions, your boxes will be delivered straight to your room. Outside vendors, such as Amazon, cannot deliver straight to your room, but your packages will be at the designated location on campus. If you have any questions during Move-In, you can ask your RA.

When does NSO start?
For first-year students, Orientation formally begins the evening of Move-In. You'll meet your Wave Leader, some other first-year students, and attend the virtual Welcome to the Wave! Simplified schedules are available here.

The schedule is a bit confusing. How will I know where I should go during all the Orientation activities?
No worries, you will have the ultimate Orientation guide: your Wave Leader! Their job is to make sure you have the best Orientation possible, and that includes making sure you're in the right place at the right time. If you have questions about anything at all, your Wave Leader is your go-to. 

I live on campus. Can I leave campus during my free time?
Due to Tulane's public health guidelines, NSLP highly encourages students to stay on campus as much as possible during Orientation. Leaving campus for essential tasks (like a doctor's appointment) is okay, but we ask that you do not leave for non-essential outings for your safety, and the safety of the student body, staff, and faculty. 

Got more burning questions? Check out more Fall Move-In FAQs  here!