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Dates and Deadlines

January 19: Deadline for new students to complete the mandatory online health promotion courses.

January 25: Deadline to sign up for your dining plan. 

January 25: Waitlists are Dropped; Last Day to Confirm Enrollment

January 25-29: Body Respect Week

January 29Last Day to Register/Add; Last Day to Drop with 100% Tuition and Fee Refund; Last Day to Remove Fall Incompletes

February 23-25: 4th Annual Rising Tide Leadership Summit
Hello Class of 2024, 

Welcome to 2021! Welcome back to all of our returning students, and a big ROLL WAVE WELCOME to our new Spring arrivals! We enjoyed meeting each of you all during Spring Orientation and hope you all had a great time with the Wave Leaders. Returning first-years, make sure to give our new students a Wave Hello when you see them around campus and help them make their way around campus.

Since our last chat before you all went off on break and took your exams a LOT has happened around our campus, the country, and the world: the continued discourse around coronavirus and vaccine development; the social and political climate of our nation; the presidential election; etc.

We encourage - no - we implore you all to engage and communicate with each other, your families, your friends, and your teachers how you are processing and are understanding everything. Take time to reflect on your positionality and perspectives and how this past year has altered your lifestyle. Take time to look at the highs and lows, and assess what growth, challenges, successes and discomforts you may have faced and/or overcome.

With that, also make room to take care of yourself. Have fun and do things that bring you joy. Memories are still able to be made; as well as new friendships. Know that there is always someone on campus here to listen to you if you ever need it. Whether it's professionally or just as a confidant - we're here to help you.

Questions? We are here to point you in the right direction. Contact our team by emailing You'll also find helpful resources on our website, Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@tulanenslp) to get to know our team and learn about resources for new students!
Roll Wave,
Rachel Weber
New Student & Leadership Programs
Campus Health Deadlines

Are you a spring scholar? Transfer student? If you're starting your first semester on Tulane's campus, don't forget to submit your health insurance waiver! Deadline to enroll in or opt out of the Tulane-sponsored Health Insurance Plan (T-SHIP) is January 15. Students must enroll in or waive the insurance once enrolled in classes.

Deadline to complete the mandatory online health promotion courses is January 19. Check your Tulane email for instructions. Deadline to submit your immunization forms and records 
to The Health Center via Tulane's Patient Portal is February 1st.

Future Friends: Find a New Pea for Your Pod

Fill out this quick survey and we will match you with a Future Friend!!! This program is open to all undergraduate students - including remote students. Sign up by Sunday, January 24 to be matched during round one!

Who can participate in Future Friends? 
This program is open to all undergraduate students, including remote learners, on-campus students, first-years, sophomores, juniors, and seniors! 

What happens after I am matched? That is up to you! We encourage our Future Friends to connect in whichever way is most comfortable for both of you, whether that is over the phone, through text, social media, or Zoom. We will share ideas for ways you and your new friend can connect, but it is up to you to reach out, take time, and say hi.

Isn't that going to be super awkward? 
Yep! Making new friends is always awkward - but you aren't alone in being nervous or apprehensive. Reach out anyway, start a conversation anyway. A beautiful friendship might just be right on the other side.

Have questions about Future Friends? Email us at or visit our website here to read more about this awesome program.
The Office of New Student & Leadership Programs Presents: The 4th Annual Rising Tide Leadership Summit

The Office of New Student &Leadership Programs has organized the 4th Annual Rising Tide Leadership Summit which will be over the course of three days, from Tuesday, February 23rd to Thursday, February 25th from 6:00 p.m. CST to 8:30 p.m. CST, virtually

This three-day leadership conference is designed for emerging and current student leaders and will feature sessions on a wide variety of topics related to the Tulane University's Leadership Framework. This year's theme is resilience, and we are excited to be able to come together with students from the wider community to explore this important topic. 

The Summit will provide Tulane students with the opportunity to learn from the vast expertise of our faculty, staff, alumni, and campus partners, to share their leadership experiences with each other, and to establish a network of support within the university. It's is a great opportunity for organization executive board members and officers to attend to learn more about effective leadership. Please consider attending and encouraging other members to attend as well. 

The Summit is FREE! More information to come - so please follow our social media channels, explore our websites and WaveSync for more updates and RSVP on WaveSync using the links below:

Tuesday, February 23: [Session Link] | [Keynote Link]
Wednesday, February 24[Session Link] | [Keynote Link]
Thursday, February 25[Session Link] | [Keynote Link]

Your feedback is imperative and will help Dining Services make the changes you want to see on campus. 

Take the dining survey starting Monday, 1/18 to Sunday, 1/31 and be entered to win $1,000 in Wavebuck$!  

One entry per person. Winner will be selected on Monday, 2/1.
Call for Research Subjects for Study about Hookup Culture and COVID-19

You are invited to be part of a research study about sex, friendship, romance, and partying during the COVID-19 pandemic. Volunteers will take part in a one-on-one conversational interview. 

All undergraduates 18 and over are welcome to volunteer, including students who don't hook up and students of all genders, sexual orientations, races and ethnicities, religions, class backgrounds, and citizenship statuses.

Please reach out to Dr. Wade at to learn more.
Body Respect Week 2021

Body Respect Week 2021 is almost here! Join Tulane in our initiative to cultivate an environment of respect for everybody as they are.  Check out the calendar here!

What is Body Respect Week and why is it important?
Body Respect Week is January 25-29, 2021 and will bring the Tulane community comprehensive, queer-inclusive, culturally specific, body-positive health events. The language around our bodies and health can be confusing and oftentimes misleading. The goal for this week is to help Tulane students shift their thinking from having to love their body towards respecting their body. We hope that students understand that respect carries reciprocal energy. Your body will honor you when you honor it. 

Who is Body Respect Week for?
Body Respect Week is for ALL bodies. Body Respect Week is an invitation to be a part of conversations about bodies, one that nourishes and celebrates who we are and who we can become, including every way we show up in the world. We hope that Body Respect Week helps you to think about, how has your body, just as it is, helped you survived in this world? What are some ways your body shows up just for you? What can you do to take better care of your body? What would be possible if you decided your body wasn't the problem? Body Respect Week is an invitation to reclaim the body respect that is your birthright.

Follow @campushealth on Instagram and these hashtags (#tubodyrespectweek2021 #tubrw2021 #tubrw) to stay up to date.


Spring Scholars Corner

We hope you had a great time during Spring Orientation! For the remainder of the semester, you can expect these First-Year E-Newsletters, or Navigators, from our office every month to provide you with opportunities from our office or campus partners, incoming deadlines relevant to your student life, and updates from across the university. For these sections of the Navigator, we're dedicating them towards you - our Spring Scholars!

What was your Spring Orientation experience like? Did you make a new friend? Were you challenged by a new idea or perspective? How was your Wave Leader? Are you even 1% more ready to face life a Tulane than before? We want to hear more! Please take our Spring Orientation Assessment to provide us with any honest feedback to help us continue to improve the programStudents who complete it will also be entered into a drawing to receive $100 in Wavebucks!

As a final wrap-up for this month, check in with students from your Orientation Group and see if they would like to meet-up over a meal at the Commons. You can even create a study group or attend a Tulane After Dark event together (in-person or virtually). Wave hello to each other as you pass along the way to classes - that includes your Wave Leaders as well. 

Take care and ROLL WAVE!
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