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October 2016
Member Spotlight: Altura Centers for Health
Altura Centers for Health, formerly (TCHC), has been providing medical and dental care to the community since 1995. Altura's Mission is to provide comprehensive, compassionate, high-quality health care to people living in the communities they serve, making sure they meet our community needs not only with the excellent medical, specialty and dental care they offer, but also through their Outreach Services.

Altura's Outreach Services offers community education through partnerships with our local schools providing education to our students, hosting and participating in Health Fairs where they reach out to families through health screenings, education and a fun time. They also have a group of Promoters who are local community members that provide home education visits and needs assessments to find out what resources Altura could bring to their communities. The team also has a staff of certified counselors to assist our community members in enrolling in Medi-Cal, CalFresh and the Affordable Care Act health plans. They also offer transportation to and from medical and dental appointments.

The Outreach Services at Altura offer many services in addition to what is listed above; such as their Teen Team and Walk with a Doc, which is a chance to walk with our local doctors every second Saturday of the Month at Del Lago Park here in Tulare.
For more information on Altura's upcoming events, please contact Altura's Community Development Director, Erica Cubas

Governmental Affairs Committee
Rudy Mendoza from Congressman Devin Nunes' office gave a brief summary of the Water Forum that was held on August 31st at the September GAC meeting. He will give a more in depth presentation at the October meeting. 

Captain Fred Ynclan, from the City of Tulare Police Department gave a presentation on Proposition 64 (Marijuana Legalization). Both School Districts and the Police Department strongly oppose.

In addition to these presentations, Patrick Isherwood, Chairman of the Tulare Chamber's Governmental Affairs Committee, continued the discussion on the November 8, 2016  Statewide Ballot Measures.

Per the recommendation of the GAC, the Tulare Chamber Board of Directors took positions on the following propositions at the September 21st Board Meeting.
  • Prop. 52 State fees on Hospitals, Federal Medi-Cal Matching Funds - Support
  • Prop. 55 Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare - Oppose
  • Prop. 64 Marijuana Legalization - Oppose
The next Committee meeting will be on Monday, October 10th.

Member Spotlight: Encore Theatre Company
Thirty-seven years ago, while on a long school band trip to Canada, several parents and teachers who had participated in the recently slashed Summer School Theatre Program discussed the idea of forming an independent theatre company which would allow them to keep theatre alive in Tulare. Because they originally were trying to replace a summer school program, Encore Theatre's focus was always family oriented shows that included young people. This was exemplified by the large kid friendly productions that were produced every summer.

Encore's first production was "Bye Bye Birdie" during the summer of 1979. The success, and some of the profits, enabled the fledgling group to continue by filing for non-profit status and putting on additional shows. The company continued to produce two to three shows per year, anywhere they could find the space. The theatre was finally able to gain a permanent address in 1983 when the City of Tulare offered to lease them an abandoned house for $1 per year. The house was small and had been damaged by a fire so they needed to quickly expand not only the program but the building as well. The Encore facility is now comprised of four additions to the original house plus the recently completed storage building. Some of their largest scale productions have been "Wizard of OZ" and "Beauty and the Beast".  They introduced "Big Fish" the musical, performed for the first time in the valley last summer and "Tarzan" two summers ago. This summer's production of "Oliver" the musical included a cast of 60, a crew of 10 and a live Orchestra.

The theatre was able to expand from the two and occasionally three shows per year to five in addition to creating two kids' programs. "The Stages" classes are an introduction to theater skills for kids from 2nd to 12th grade. They put on a recital in the fall and full stage production in the spring utilizing the lessons learned in stagecraft, tech and theater etiquette. "Encore Kids" is the song and dance troupe for kids from 3rd to 8th grade. They learn a new routine approximately every two months and perform it at the opening of each of our main stage shows. They also take their show on the road by performing out in the community for various local events, as well as their annual performances at both Disneyland and Catalina Island.

Located at 342 South N Street in downtown Tulare, Encore has become an intimate black box theater with seating for 100. Encore specializes in musical productions and quirky fourth wall defying comedies. They have stayed true to their roots by continuing to put on large family friendly summer productions with kids in the cast. The majority of their shows are still acceptable for viewing by younger guests. A couple of items that enhance the theater experience are their cabaret seating style with refreshments delivered by a wait staff in addition to newly upgraded and deeply padded chairs.

Encore Theatre's 38th season includes "But Why Bump Off Barnaby?" a mystery/farce, "Steel Magnolias", "The Treasure of Shiver River" a melodrama and ending the season with "Pippin" the musical. For a full listing of shows, ticket information, upcoming auditions and current theatre programs, visit www.encoretulare.org.
2016 Candidates Forum

Welcome New Members
Water 2 Go is the only retail water store in Tulare where you can actually buy filtered, alkalized water. Owner, Socorro Mercado says that each gallon of water sold in her store goes through an eight-step filtration process. Mercado then tests the water with two types of pens, a Total Dissolved Solids and a pH balance Pen.  She is very proud of her motto, which is: "Test it, before you taste it."

The water sold at Water 2 Go is not only good for your body, but it's also good for your wallet. Stop by and test it out for yourself.  Water 2 Go is located at 513 W. Bardsley Ave, in Tulare and their store hours are 10 am-6 pm.  You can even check it out online at  www.water2go2.com or call today 559-656-0008.

If this is the first you have heard of Puffed Perfection, let me tell you that it definitely won't be the last. Puffed Perfection, is a delicious little sweet treat that will make you forget all about that popcorn stuff.  It's basically corn meal and a few other ingredients all mixed together and baked until, POOF! These perfect little, sweet, crunchy, delicious, addicting, wonderful little puffs of yumminess magically explode into the goodness that Cindy Hill has so perfectly named, yep, "Puffed Perfection". With no seeds or hulls to worry about, it's a tasty treat all ages can enjoy.

The madness started back in December of 2015 when Hill, a single mom who has lived with Multiple Sclerosis for over 35 years, refused to give up her independence and came up with the idea to make and sell a delicious, sweet treat that she knew others would love as much as she and her family already did. After testing her product out in Visalia and a few other local flea markets, she knew that she had a hot product on her hands and started trying to figure out how she could market Puffed Perfection to a retail market.  She changed the packaging and purchased new labels and Voila! She is now ready to take your order for parties, weddings, small thoughtful gifts, gift baskets, additions to floral arrangements, etc.  You can also purchase Puffed Perfection at Mailboxes & More in Tulare, The Naked Nut in Visalia, Bravo Farms in Tulare and Visalia and more locations coming soon.

For more information or to purchase product please call 559-786-4548, check us out on Facebook or email puffedperfection@gmail.com

Congressman Devin Nunes: One Million Acres - The Key Number at Water Forum
I'd like to thank all my constituents who came to my water forum on Wednesday-with nearly a thousand people attending, the event was an extraordinary demonstration of our community's commitment to overcoming our government-made water crisis. 

As I argued at the forum, our best hope for resolving our 2.5 million acre-foot water shortfall is for our elected officials, ag groups, and water districts to unify behind a common agenda of reforming the Endangered Species Act, the Central Valley Project Improvement Act, and the San Joaquin River Settlement, as well as building myriad new water storage projects. Without this sort of concerted action, a million acres of farmland will be forced out of production.  ...   READ MORE.  
The Tulare Chamber Welcomes New Leadership Class

The Tulare Chamber would like to welcome the newest class of Leadership Tulare participants! We are excited to see so many talented individuals interested in learning about our community and how to become influential leaders.

HR Hotspot: Flu Shots: Making Them Mandatory
Faith Driscoll, Esq.
Can employers minimize the impact on business of employee absences due to more frequent illness during flu season by making a flu shot mandatory for workers?  The short answer is yes, but there are several issues to consider prior to rolling out a policy requiring flu shots.  Employers must comply with the reasonable accommodation requirements of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act when it comes to making exceptions.  Employees may be entitled to an accommodation (such as an exemption from taking the flu vaccine) due to a disability or sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance preventing the employee from taking the vaccine. 

Accommodating a Disability.  Employers must recognize that not all employees may be able to receive the flu vaccine.  Therefore, the company cannot require all employees to take the flu vaccine and ignore employees' medical conditions.  For example, an employee may have a disability that has compromised the employee's immune system.  Any policy imposed by an employer should include a direction for employees who are unable to take the flu vaccine due to a disability to contact the appropriate supervisor or HR manager to discuss an accommodation.  ...   READ MORE. 

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