January 2015

Madam President      
We all know her...The woman who isn't afraid to lead, who isn't afraid to speak up, and never shies away from serving her community...Now you can honor her! 
The Madam President event is only a few short months away.  If you know a Tulsa woman who fits the description above- nominate her! We  a re looking forward to honoring some of Tulsa's top women with this event. For more details visit our Madam President site.
Also, BIG thanks to those who have sent in money to sponsor the event- this event could not be possible without you!   
Happy New Year from the Program Committee!  
2016 is going to be a busy year for League members as we work to educate and engage voters.  The leaders we elect make decisions that affect all of us- our jobs, health care, energy costs, security and so much more.  During the coming year your Tulsa Program Committee will be preparing discussion topics for the League's monthly Unit Meetings. These topics will help us get to know the issues and be informed voters.  So...

Get Involved.  Be in the Know. Join us at one of our Unit Meetings. Educated and informed voters are the key to our democracy.  Meeting dates and study materials may be found here.    

Calling All Volunteers!   
The League office is seeking volunteers!  We are in need of all different kinds of skill sets- from answering phones, making phone calls, maintaining databases, helping to organize and facilitate events, data e ntry , you name it!

If you ha
ve any interest in being an office volunteer pl ease contact the League office by phone (918) 747-7933 or email at info@lwvtulsa. org.  Schedules are flexible.  2016 is going to be a busy year and we can use all the help we can get! 

A new year brings new opportunity to contribute to the League.  Please consider becoming a FrontRunner and pledging a monthly recurring donat io n to LWVMT. 

You may do so by
contacting the office v ia phone, (918)747-7933 or email, info@lwvtulsa.org.  You may also sign up online here  .   
Thank You! 

The League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa would like to extend a BIG thank you to everyone who contributed financially in 2015!  We would not be able to function without the donations and other financial contributions from our members and friends of the League....Thank you! 

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Madam President
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Thank You!



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   Make Democracy Work

without you!
The League welcomes everyone over 18 who wants to help make a difference in our democracy.  Forward this email to your friends and invite them to

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