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Welcome to New Scale News, your monthly update on embedded micro motion technology and applications. This month we take a look at a tunable RF bandpass filter application, and introduce some new distributors in Europe and Asia. Please contact us if you have questions or comments!
M3 acutator powers tiny high-Q tunable bandpass filter made from plastic 
Purdue 5g tunable bandpass filter
Image courtesy of Professor Dimitrios Peroulis, Purdue University
Demonstrates high performance and low cost to meet the demands of future 5G networks

The demand for low-cost, high-performance radio frequency (RF) components is accelerating, driven in part by the needs of 5G networks. 

Researchers at Purdue University have demonstrated a high-Q tunable bandpass filter machined from ABS plastic. It  shows a high-Q from 500 to 700 and a 91% tuning range from 2.2 to 4.2 GHz. Production  can be scaled up using injection molding. 

The machined prototype uses an M3-L Linear Actuator from New Scale Technologies for tuning. For mass production, New Scale's UTAF Ultra-Thin Acutator Family can provide the speed, repeatability and stability  needed. 

The prototype tunable filter is a precursor to mass production of low-cost,  high-peformance  microwave   devices that meet the demanding requirements of future 5G networks. 

These results were presented at the 2018 IEEE Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference (WAMICON) in a paper, A 2.2 - 4.2 GHz Low-loss Tunable Bandpass Filter Based on Low Cost  Manufacturing of ABS Polymer, by Michael D. Sinanis et. al. 

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Get the paper from IEEE XPLORE ($14.95 member / $33 non-members)

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Meet New Scale in Austin, Texas this month 
Booth #304
June 10-15, 2018
Austin, TX USA
Join us at this event for scientists and engineers creating ground- and space-based telescopes, the supporting technologies, and the latest instrumentation

Learn about how we helped create the Cobra Fiber Positioner for the Prime Focus Spectrograph on the Subaru telescope. 

New Scale CEO and founder David Henderson will be on hand and happy to discuss how we can meet your instrumentation needs with small, precise and smart positioning systems that let you meet your science goals in less time, at lower cost. Stop by our exhibit or  email Dave to schedule a private meeting.

Comestero Sistemi, Italy
We recently joined Comestero Sisetmi at the SPS IPC Drives conference in Parma, Italy. "Automation, digitization, robotics and vision are the 4.0 ingredients of a resounding success. This is the ecosystem that welcomed the 35,188 visitors attending the eighth SPS Italia,"  said the conference organizer. 

We found great interest in our M3-RS-U Rotary Microstages for these applications. 

Comestero Sistemi is a distributor of electro-mechanical components. It was founded in 1976 and has evolved rapidly, giving rise to a new company that combines sales with direct production.  Comestero Sistemi focuses on constant research of innovative solutions, the evolution of all business processes and adaptation to market needs.  

New Reps and Distributors
We are expanding worldwide support for our M3 Micro-Mechatronic Modules. Here are our newest reps and distributors.

Founded in 1990, Opton has a strong presence in lasers and spectroscopy as well as opto-mechanical components and laser test equipment. 

KOREA |  HanaroTR 
HanaroTR Co supplies  Korean companies and labs with  highly pure metals and alloys, laser machinery, optical investigation development and measurement machinery, and infrared cameras.

AUSTRALIA + NZ |  Lastek Pty. Ltd.
Lastek is the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for more than fifty leading international laser, optic, detection, spectroscopy and imaging manufacturers.

MORE | VISIT THE NEW SCALE WEBSITE to find a rep or distributor near you.

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