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Learn why Donating Postmortem Brain Tissue is Critical  for Autism Research. 

It Takes Brains

Join Autism Science Foundation Chief Science Officer Dr. Alycia Halladay for an Advances in Autism Research and Care (AARC) webinar on Autism BrainNet today, May 30, at 1 PM EDT.  Hosted by the Autism Intervention Research Network on Physical Health  and the Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network, the monthly AARC webinar series highlights important topics in the field of autism.  Dr. Halladay will discuss the importance of research using donated postmortem brain tissue.  Register for the webinar here.

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ASF Podcast Reports on
Cost-Effectiveness of Common Clinical Practices

Podcast on Cost-Effectiveness
A recent  ASF Weekly Science Podcast  reviewed the cost-effectiveness of autism screening with Dr. Tracy Yuen of the University of Toronto and the Hospital for Sick Children.  Her research involved two different analyses on the cost-effectiveness of integrating genetic sequencing into ASD care and of universal screening for ASD.  Dr. Yuen explained the process behind these analyses and their intriguing findings

Listen to the podcast episode here.
Research Reveals Importance of 
Disclosing Autism Diagnosis to Employers

Presented at the INSAR 2018 annual meeting, a new multinational survey on employment by the  Autism Science Foundation, the Lerner Lab at Stony Brook University, Curtin University in Australia, and Karolinska Institute in Sweden found employers consider it important for people with autism to disclose their disability. In a recent article, the  Interactive Autism Network discusses the challenges individuals with autism face when it comes to deciding whether or not to disclose their disability to an employer.  Read the article here to learn about what research has been done, what research still needs to be done, and what resources are available for job candidates with disabilities.
Watch All the Day of Learning Videos Online

The 5th Annual Day of Learning Speakers
The 5th Annual Day of Learning Speakers

Videos of all the presentations at ASF's 5th Annual Day of Learning held on April 11 are available online.   Topics include gender differences in autism, sleep problems in autism, the potential of medical marijuana as an autism treatment, adult outcomes, the role of dietary interventions, and the perception of pain in people with autism.  You can view them here.
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