January 2017        
Tunisia's "Marshall Plan"

Tunisia will soon become one of the world's largest recipients of foreign aid. But this influx of foreign money could drown out demand for the kind of structural changes that are necessary to keep this fledgling democracy from yet more political instability.
Generous aid to Tunisia typically assumes that external assistance can improve the country's economy, dampen unrest and ensure democratic consolidation. But unless aid is carefully targeted, it will only serve to inflate the political prospects of the governing coalition without requiring it to commit to real reform.
Tunisian ISIS Fighters

The magnificent Tunisian desert was made famous by having been the filming location for "Star Wars". The American epic space opera was about the " Jedis" fighting the " Siths" to protect the Republic.

People in Tunisia (except for the Islamist Brotherhood-affiliate Nahdha party) feel that the Tunisian terrorists returning from Syria constitute a real-life army of "Siths" and  want that their government to be prepared.
Professional Network
  We are conducting a survey in an effort to compile an exhaustive directory of Tunisian professionals in the United States.
Having such a Talent Bank is intended to be a first step toward establishing a network of autonomous disciplinary entities that collaborate to better achieve the outreach goals of the Ibn Khaldun Institute.

Penn Staters Reunion
Penn State alumni and Tunisian American Center's Michigan Coordinator Sara Merchawi, shared the following   article.  The inspiring story is about several Tunisian Engineers from the US and Canada who reunited at their Alma Mater (PSU) after many of them had lost touch with each for decades. 

"On December 2 to December 4, 2016, 10 Tunisians re-united for the first time in more than 30 years in the small beautiful town of State College, Pennsylvania..."

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