June 2017

This year, the month of Ramadan in the United States started on Saturday, May 27 and will end on Sunday, June 25. 
During those 30 days, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset. 

The spiritual purpose of fasting being to take time for reflection and to be brought closer to God.
The US Administration & Tunisia

The Trump Administration decided that, for the National Security Council, North Africa will be part of the Africa region, instead of remaining attached to the Middle East/Near East region.

The Administration recognizes what Tunisians knew all along; that on most issues (economic, political, security), the four North-African countries (Egypt not included) have more to do with Africa than with the petro-theocracies of the Middle East.

The White Hou se Senior Director for Africa is USAF veteran and Atlantic Council fellow, Lebanese-American Rudolph Atallah.

The US Administration & Tunisia Aid
The Trump administration's Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 budget proposal released on Tuesday (5/23/17) includes significant cuts in aid for Tunisia, part of an overall proposed cut of 32 percent to the State Department. 

The proposal requests from Congress $54.6 million for Tunisia, a reduction of $85.8 million from the FY 2017 request.
Hannibal Barca
Club Hannibal-USA

Out of the desire to expand the constituency in the United States for the Tunisian-American relations, our organization will launch the Tunisia Advocacy Day, an annual tradition to celebrate the 1797 signing of the first Treaty of Peace and Friendship


The Tunisia Advocacy day would be part of the activities of the Club Hannibal-USA which aims to be a forum for American friends of Tunisia who share their commitment to raising Tunisia's profile among decision makers and opinion shapers.
A Call-To-Action

The Tunisian American Center, being a volunteer organization, needs your help in supporting its operating budget and its programs, such as the Tunisian-American Day© and the Club Hannibal-USA.

Your help would affirm your belief in the value of our community being strong for the sake of today's and succeeding generations

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