February 2017        
Dr. Ons Mamai
Ibn Khaldun Award-2017
Dr Ons Mamai will be the recipient of the 2017 Ibn Khaldun Award. Dr. Mamai was selected for having excelled within a Singapore-based scientific team, when she was able to identify the gene responsible for a hereditary dermatological pathology, a discovery of great value as it allows for pre-symptomatic diagnosing.
In addition to being an internationally renowned researcher (currently at the University of California in San Francisco), she also, among other things, the Secretary General of the "ATDocs", an association for the promotion and development of basic science research for students in Tunisia.
The Award presentation ceremony will take place during the celebration of the 13th annual Tunisian-American Day© in Washington on Saturday May 13, 2017 in the presence of members of the community who will come from the various states of the country.
The annual Ibn Khaldun Award was established by the Tunisian American Center in 2004 to honor the intellectual heritage of the "Father of Sociology", highlight the value of our community in the United States and promote individuals who had a brilliant academic or professional career while being active within Civil Society entities
Details of the event will be posted on the organization's website ( and published in upcoming issues of the Community Gazette. 
Artist Residency-Hammamet
View of the Tunisian capital

When visiting Tunis, the author of this New York Times article describes life in Tunisia as as a
dolce far niente
which literally means pleasant relaxation in careless idleness. 

Student Federation

An entity within the Tunisian American Center, the Student Federation highlights the organization's commitment to youth leadership and represents a mechanism of inter-generational continuity for the organization 

The federation offers an internship program for students to learn first-hand  about managing a non profit organization and to gain valuable experience while serving alongside members of the leadership team of the Tunisian American Center.
Hannibal Barca
Club Hannibal-USA

While honoring the military and legislative legacy of the legendary General, the Club Hannibal-USA aims to expand the constituency in United States for Tunisian-American relations. 

It is a forum for American friends of Tunisia who share their commitment to raising Tunisia's profile among decision makers and opinion shapers.
Professional Network
  We are conducting a survey in an effort to compile an exhaustive Directory of Tunisian professionals in the United States.  Having such a Talent Bank is intended to be a first step toward establishing a network of autonomous disciplinary entities that collaborate to better achieve the outreach goals of the Ibn Khaldun Institute.

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