July 2017
                 EMEL MATHLOUTHI                             Artwork by Ehab Hossien_Fanart
Tunisian of the Month

 A debut album "Kelmti Horra" (My word is free), released in 2012, and several concerts around the world, established Tunisian singer-songwriter Emel Mathlouthi as a bona fide spokesperson for the youth of Tunisia.

Five years later, this real artist of her time, followed that viral protest song up by a new album "Ensen" (Human) which was recorded in seven different countries, straddling two continents.  

Having taken up residence in New York since 2014, the "Voice of the Revolution", as Emel is dubbed, is a most suitable Tunisian Music's ambassadress to the United States (and beyond). .

Her next rendez-vous with the Tunisian public will take place at the Carthage Festival on August 12th. 

Emel recently made time for this interview  with the The Community Gazette.
New York Cultural Street Festival

WHAT: Arab & North African street festival 

WHEN: July 10, 2017. 10 am - 4 pm
WHERE: Great Jones St, NY 10012
Tunisia Advocacy Day                                                                                                                                               
The annual Tunisia Advocacy Day, an activity of the Club Hannibal-USA, is a recurring opportunity to celebrate the 1797 signing of the first Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Tunisia and the United States. 

It also serves as an opportunity to educate deciders and influencers about the cause of Tunisia.

The event will also includes he presentation of the Hannibal-USA Award as well as a traditional dinner and a Tunisian cultural performance. 
(Details will be announced in future Gazette issues)          
Fulbright Scholarships

There are 15 scholarships available for the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship Program (FLTA) for young educators to teach Arabic and Study in the United States during the academic year 2018-2019.
A Call-To-Action

The Tunisian American Center, being a volunteer organization, needs your help in supporting its operating budget and its programs, such as the Tunisian-American Day© and the Tunisia Advocacy Day Your help would affirm your belief in the value of our community being strong for the sake of today's and succeeding generations

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