August 2017
The Embassy of Tunisia Washington
Treaty Day Celebration-2017

This  August 28 marks the 220th anniversary of the signing of
"Peace and Friendship Treaty" between the United States of America and Tunisia. The two countries were the first to give each other formal recognition after their independence. That began the more than two centuries of uninterrupted diplomatic relations.

The Tunisian American Center, the American Tunisian Association and the Embassy of Tunisia had teamed up to celebrate the occasion. The event is planned for mid to late Fall of this year.  (Details in future issues of the  Community Gazette )
Tunisian Woman's Day

This August 13th marks the 61st anniversary of the promulgation of the Code of Personal Status. Observed on a national level, the CPS is a series of laws instituting gender equality in Tunisia. It underwent several important amendments since it came into effect on January 1st,195. 

Tunisian Women's rights are enshrined in the Constitution adopted in 2014 following the 2011 popular uprising.
American Tunisian Association
Last month a long overdue agreement was made on
terms of cooperation between our organization and the  American Tunisian Association .

Given the overlap of missions, the informal agreement establishes a mechanism  by which  the two entities can communicate and establish a relationship that  strengthens the synergy  and complementarity of their activities of promoting the  Tunisian-American friendship.

Emel Mathlouthi in Carthage

WHAT: Performance at the Carthage International Festival.
            Emel will treat her fans to a bold and innovative artistic             approach: a mixture of traditional Tunisian instruments             & rhythms and modern, powerful electronic music.

WHEN: Saturday, August 12.
             10 pm

WHERE: Roman Theater, Carthage (Tunisia)

TICKETS: Ticket information at  this page. 
Remembering Bourguiba

This past August 3rd marks the 114th birthday anniversary of the Father of Modern Tunisia, the late Habib Bourguiba.  

President Kennedy said the following about Bourguiba:  "there is a glow around the names of Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, and all the others who contributed to the rounding of our country. We are in the presence tonight of a man who has played a comparable role in the life of his own country".
A Call-To-Action
The Tunisian American Center being a volunteer organization, needs your help in supporting its operating budget and its programs, such as the Tunisian-American Day© and the Tunisia Advocacy Day Your help would affirm your belief in the value of our community being strong for the sake of today's and succeeding generations
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