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CTOTF's technical coverage extends from the gas line to the electric grid


  The Combustion Turbine Operations Technical Forum consistently delivers on its promise to provide coverage of the entire plant at each of the organization's semiannual meetings. At the Spring Turbine Forum, now in session at Virginia's Williamsburg Lodge, the nearly 70 hours of interactive sessions for owner/operators of gas turbines in simple-cycle, combined-cycle, and cogeneration service have taken the plant and asset managers in attendance from the gas transmission line to the plant's connection to the high-voltage grid. 
   Through Wednesday, attendees have listened to prepared presentations by user colleagues and equipment/services providers, and participated in discussion sessions on commissioning, operation, maintenance, and upgrades for both legacy and F/G-class frame engines manufactured by GE, Siemens, Mitsubishi, and Alstom as well as aeros supplied by GE and Pratt & Whitney.
   Fuel supply infrastructure, safety, best practices, heat-recovery steam generators, steam turbines, emissions control, NERC requirements, emissions regulations, water treatment, and pollution control systems have been incorporated into the 17 sessions chaired by members of the CTOTF Leadership Committee led by Bob Kirn of TVA. Control systems, generators, transformers, and high-voltage switchgear are the focus of Thursday's sessions. The short articles identified below offer highlights on subjects of importance to many in the industry unable to attend.


PSM destacks, begins repairing its first F-class rotor in Alstom's Midlothian shop 


PSM continues to reinvent itself and add new services. The company's field engineers and craftsmen recently removed a damaged rotor from a 7FA in base-load service and shipped it to parent Alstom's turbine and generator repair facility near Richmond where PSM destacked its first compressor. The Jupiter (Fla) firm, known best for its capabilities in the manufacture and repair of critical industrial gas-turbine components, also is developing a rotor life extension program. more

Kraft, Conroy launch PowerPHASE to offer power-augmentation, energy-storage solutions


Bob Kraft and Pat Conroy have formed PowerPHASE LLC to focus on the manufacture of power augmentation (TurboPHASE) and energy storage (PowerPHASE+) systems for improving the performance of existing gas-turbine-based generating plants. Both Kraft and Conroy are well known to CTOTF members and others in the generation sector of the electric power industry for their contributions to the development of gas-turbine technology. more


User-Only Webinar: 7FA Technology Enhancements


The next installment of CCJ ONscreen (May 4) focuses on

optimizing your 7FA for improved heat rate, power output, and operating flexibility. Results presented by Wood Group GTS will show owner/operators ways to restore control and enhance current gas turbine performance by using the latest technologies that provide real-time proactive and customizable monitoring solutions for post-outage tuning, as well as seasonal performance testing to ensure optimal gas turbine operation. more

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