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The Time Has Come To Give Your Lawn Some Turf Renovation...

Fill In Your Lawn's Bare Spots

Overseeding: The weather can be tough on lawns. Lack of water, too much heat and traffic, and other problems can make it look worn and thin. 

  • Overseeding can bring your lawn back to vitality
  • Overseeding is best performed right after Core Aeration

Let Your Lawn Breathe....

What is Core Aeration?
  • Core Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes
Why Should You Aerate Your Lawn?
  • Because it relieves compaction in the lawn so water, air and nutrients penetrate the ground and reach your lawn's roots 
  • This helps the roots grow stronger and produce a healthier lawn
When Should You Aerate Your Lawn?
  • The best time is during the growing seasons: spring and fall

Thatch: is the layer of living and dead stems and roots between the grass and the soil surface.


A little bit of thatch is not harmful but thick thatch layers can prevent water, air, and nutrients from penetrating the soil, causing reduced root growth and increased potential for drought stress. Thatch also favors fungal growth and can harbor insects and pests.

Dethatching alleviates this layer of thatch and enables your lawn to get the nutrients it needs to be green and glorious.
Dress Your Lawn Right: Topdressing
  • Adding a topdressing comprised of 50% topsoil and 50% Compro to your lawn helps integrate organic material into the rocky clay soil that is typical in this area

  • It also improves the seed bed for overseeding

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