August 7,
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This week we will take a look into our first native soil bermudagrass field that is getting drain lines: Field 9!
Fancy and new!
I f you've recently been to the Maryland SoccerPlex you have noticed the construction on field 9 and are probably wondering what we are doing! We are installing a full-grid drainage system on field 9, which will significantly help that field's ability to play in wet weather. Field 9 will be the first of our native soil bermudagrass fields to receive this type of renovation. The system we are installing here is the same system that was installed on field numbers 8 & 10 last fall.
Trust the process
We partnered with Hummer Turf to help with the installation process of this renovation, they have braved the weather with us! The first step in this renovation was fraze mowing, a practice that removes the top layer of the grass plant, but keeps the root and stolon intact, which is important for regeneration at the completion of the project. Once that is completed the main drain lines and smaller field drain line channels were cut. The main drain line, a large line that the field drains to, is a deeper line, approximately 2 feet into the ground. This line goes alongside the field and is where the field lines drain into.

The channels that are actually on the field are shallower, at only about 8 inches deep. The drains that run from sideline to sideline will drain into the main drain along the side of the field. Once the drain piping is placed into the channels, the irrigation heads are
re-installed and then the channels are refilled back with sand. After the channels are all filled back in, we will spread a thin, even layer of sand across the entire field surface, and then aerify (poke holes!), finally brushing the whole field to help sand go into the aeration holes and smooth the surface out.
The last step in this renovation will be sprigging the field with Northbridge sprigs (the same used on field 14 and 17) and rest the field until the sprigs have s et into the field again! Field 9 is projected to back up and running by
late August!
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