July 10,
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Welcome back to Turf Talk! This week we will check back in and see how fields 14 and 17 are doing since their renovation!
What did we do?
To refresh your memory, on June 22 we began the process to sod the majority of fields 14 and 17 because they suffered winter kill due to the prolonged and extreme winter temperatures experienced this past year. Before the sod was laid down, the dead plant had to be completely removed from the field. Once that was completed the sod was transplanted onto the fields. After that we had to water the fields and let them rest so the sod could take to the existing soil to create a stable, safe playing environment. The goal is to get the roots into the existing soil as quickly as possible to create the stability. It was important that we kept the fields moist with watering and that the soil temperature was around 65 degrees, the optimum temperature for bermudagrass to grow.

We have received a huge boost from mother nature in the time period since June 22 with our weather. Temperatures above 90 degrees are perfect for growing bermudagrass, as it is a warm-season grass. Since the start of the project we have had 7 days with the temperature 90 degrees or higher. In addition we have had 7 days of temperatures 80 degrees or higher.
Looking good!
This past weekend was the first weekend fields 14 and 17 were up and running since the renovation was completed. We hosted the Capital City Lacrosse Festival and the fields held up to the intense play of lacrosse very well! We are very excited to have a successful renovation for fields 14 and 17!
Next Week
Check in next week as we look into different types of grasses across the United States.
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