March 13,
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Helping you to get your lawn spring ready we discussed pre-emergent last week, so this week we will discuss seeding for your home lawn!
Let's get green!
As we discussed last week before you get the pre-emergent down, you should put down your grass seed! In Maryland, most lawns consist of tall fescue grasses or Kentucky bluegrass. These are both cool-season grasses, meaning they thrive in the lower temperatures. The best time to plant cool-season grasses is in the fall, however you can also plant cool-season grasses in the early spring and have positive results. The trick is to plant them early springtime. When you do plant the seed, it is important to evenly seed across your entire lawn so that the grass grows evenly. A simple rotary spreader will be able to help to ensure that the grass is spread evenly throughout the lawn. Once you have seeded, lightly raking the seed so it drops into the soil about a quarter of an inch. Then you should water appropriately. The goal is to keep the seedlings moist, but not soggy. Once the seedlings begin to grow above ground you can water less frequently!
If you already have grass throughout your lawn you could very well get away with not planting any seeds, however one option to ensure your lawn is healthy and lacks weeds is overseeding. Overseeding will help fill in bare spots and thicken the grass making less room for weeds to grow through. When overseeding you want to follow the same steps as above, you will just be doing so on your already present lawn. One very important step is to be sure to water the lawn and keep the soil moist and at a consistent moisture. For the 4 days post-overseeding you should water very lightly, just to ensure the moisture stays in the ground. Monitoring the growth of the grass is important and will help you to determine if second applications of seed are needed.
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Next week we will take a look into our partnership with WeatherBug and how it benefits our grounds crew and our visitors!
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