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Welcome back to Turf Talk! This week we will continue our mini series of how we prep for the weekend day-by-day! This week we are on Tuesday!
Tuesday...the second Monday!
Tuesdays are often times a continuation of Mondays! Our grounds crew uses Tuesdays to complete any cultural practices that are planned for the week. That would be topdressing, aerification, and any need to apply foliar spray.
As we learned last week, when our team is breaking down fields they will do a 'clean-up mow' meaning they are just mowing to get the fields and playing surfaces even again. As they are cleaning up they are able to see if there are any issues with the turf and field in general. Tuesday allows our crew to fix those issues! For example, dirt will sometimes collect at the sprinkler heads not allowing them to water the way they are intended to. The grounds crew will clear out that dirt to fix this issue.
It's all about the details
Tuesdays are the days that our grounds crew like to work on details for the fields as well. Such as ensuring irrigation is correct, making sure exposed grass blades are green and healthy. As we discussed last week, on Mondays the mowers are making lists of any issues that they notice on fields as they are cutting.  Tuesday is the day we try and remedy as many of these issues as possible.  An example: one of our staff members notices a divot or low spot on field 6 while mowing on Monday.  This gets reported to either our Assistant Manager or Manager of grounds, and they then go inspect the area, make a determination of the cause of the problem (irrigation leak, animal damage, etc.) and then create a plan to fix that issue the following day. They also want to ensure the field surroundings are properly tended too as well, this includes z-mowing large areas, collecting ground litter, and string trimming around trees, drainage ditches, signs and other small objects that the mowers can't get close to.
While Tuesdays are often a day for completing unfinished Monday cultural practices and may not seem like a 'down day' it keeps our grounds crew busy through the whole day!
Next Week
Check in next week as we look into our busy, busy Wednesdays!
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