May 22,
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This week will be our last day in our mini-series of how we prepare for a weekend of games! Today we will talk about the tasks done on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!
Friday - the day of continuation and touch-ups!
Friday is one of the busiest days for our grounds crew! Friday is primarily used as a finishing touch type of day. However, with so many fields that we maintain, our finishing touches are often the most laboring process throughout the week! The day begins with another cut on the Bermudagrass fields, because Bermudagrass grows so quickly compared to Kentucky Bluegrass that if it does not receive a good Friday cut, the bermudagrass field will not be slightly overgrown by Sunday! After the Bermuda fields are cut, the crew will continue any painting that was not able to be finished up on Thursday. This would include the freshly cut Bermudagrass fields, and any fields that would have more than one layout within it. Sometimes, we have a small sided field within the larger sized field, when this happens we will use two different line colors to help differentiate between the field sizes. The second of the fields will be painted a day after the first to prevent the lines from running together!

While a majority of the crew will be working on line painting and mowing, one or two crew members will begin to stage the corner flags, benches, goals, and trash cans. Once 3 or 4 members are available to help, they will go through and begin to anchor all goals into the ground so they are secure, safe, and ready for game-play.

The synthetic fields will require a more complicated set-up, due to the various sizes of small-sided games that are played on them. Two of the three fields are split down into 3 small-sided fields which requires our grounds crew to set-up barriers and goals for all 6 fields.
The Weekend, not quite time to rest!
The SoccerPlex hosts an average of 300 games per league weekend in the spring and fall! On the weekends, there will always be at least 2 grounds crew members present. The morning crew will open up all gates and comfort stations, ensuring the fields and restrooms are ready to go, as well as complete any field changes (usually on our synthetic fields) that are required. The afternoon crew will continue to maintain the comfort stations and perform any goal size switches necessary!

As you can see, our grounds crew stays busy all week long with all their tasks and maintaining our 24 fields to the highest standard!
Next Week
Check in next week to see the special preparation the stadium field receives to prepare for the Washington Spirit games!
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