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July 6, 2011
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Gaza flotilla 2011: Turkey says damaged ship shows no evidence of 'sabotage'

Mon. 4 Jul. 2011  @ 16.35 -

Mixed reporting of Turkish investigation contradicting claims of sabotage by flotilla activists.

The findings of a Turkish inspection of the Irish ship MV Saoirse, docked in Turkish waters,  follows coverage in The Daily Telegraph and on the BBC News website last week of organisers' claims of Israeli 'sabotage' on two ships set to participate in the 2011 flotilla.

Turkey's English-language daily, H�rriyet, reported on Friday that the initial findings of an investigation by the authorities into allegations that the ship had been sabotaged while awaiting departure from Turkey showed that the boat 'was damaged before it entered Turkish waters'.

'Initial inspection says no sabotage to Irish ship to Gaza within territorial waters' explains that:

'According to initial findings of the inspection, the breakdown of the ship might not be a result of sabotage, a Turkish diplomat told the H�rriyet Daily News on Friday.'

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Mixed coverage of Hariri indictments downplays threat of Hezbollah

Mon. 4 Jul. 2011 @ 17.28 -

Following Nasrallah's speech refusing to cooperate with investigation into Hariri assassination, mixed coverage downplays threat to Lebanese stability posed by Islamist group's armed forces.

There was widespread coverage on Friday in the British media of the passing of indictments from the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) to the Lebanese government. The STL is investigating the 2005 assassination of the Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri; the indictments are largely believed to name four members of the Islamist militant group Hezbollah.

In the wake of a speech given on Saturday by Hassan Nasrallah, in which the head of Hezbollah denied any link between his organisation and the assassination, and categorically stated that the four accused men would not be handed over to the STL, there has been further coverage of the potential impact of the indictments for Lebanese stability. Reporting in The Guardianthe Financial Times and on the BBC News website emphasised the difficulty of arresting the individuals, given Hezbollah's position in the Lebanese cabinet; however, only the former addressed how the armed strength of the Islamist group challenges national sovereignty.

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Gaza flotilla 2011: Media failure to report Gaza aid offer

Mon. 4 Jul. 2011 @ 17.04 -

British media report Gaza flotilla prevented from leaving Greek port and ignore Israeli-Greek aid delivery offer.

This week The Daily Telegraph and The Independent report that the Gaza flotilla has been stopped leaving port in Athens by the Greek authorities and addresses alleged sabotage of ships by Israel.

Both stories, however, fail to report that the Greek authorities offered on Sunday to take the aid to Gaza under Greek and UN supervision. The offer was accepted by Israel. Just Journalism has frequently covered the media's failure to report Israel's offers to transfer any flotilla aid to Gaza via land.

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Guardian letter highlights Kurdish rights in Turkey

Tues. 5 Jul. @ 19.07 -

Guardian publishes letter denouncing underreporting of 'continued repression' of Kurds in Turkey in coverage of the recent general election.

Today's Guardian includes a letter on apparent media disinterest in the condition of Kurds in Turkey. 'Kurdish success in Turkey's elections' questions why, among reports of the June general election:

'there [has] been so little coverage in the UK media about the significant success of the Kurds or of their continued repression by the Turkish authorities?'

Examples of issues which the media has allegedly omitted to cover in detail are cited, such as the ban on education in the Kurdish language and the 'imprisonment of 151 peace-seeking Kurdish politicians, human rights activists, elected mayors and lawyers'. This is a reference to the detention and ongoing trial of officials, activists and six elected mayors of the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP).

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