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"Main Causes of the Flu"

Article by Dr. Edward Wagner DC

August 2011

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Main Causes of the Flu


Why do some people get the flu and others do not. Of course, many will argue that it is a state of immunity, meaning one person is more resistant than another.   Based upon 34 years of experience, that is not the real reason. I have found certain foods set it off or give it to people or lay the ground substance for it. The following will almost surely give you the flu or make you more susceptible.


The 1st two are eating chicken and turkey. You may ask why.   Haven't you heard about the avian flu, it means bird flu. All flus come thru birds; they are carried in birds and circulate thru birds. All flus are either bird flu or swine flu or a combination. In fact, all flus start in regions where pig farms are next to chicken farms.


There is a circle 8 condition, meaning that the swine flu enters the chicken, then back to the pig and so forth. That's why so many flus start in China or indigenous regions of poor people. People living next to pigs and chickens. What people call the intestinal flu is almost entirely the food poisoning of eating chicken or turkey, not the flu at all.


Not only do birds carry the greatest amount of infections, but the very meat itself is toxic due to the fact that it cannot build connective tissue. For many it will deteriorate a person's collagen so their structural integrity cannot be maintained. This causes fatigue, aches and pains, fibromyalgia, misalignments of vertebrae, spinal disc problems. All of these weaknesses allow for the breeding ground of viruses which create flu.


What is "flu"? It is a state of disoreder of the body's attempt to rid of something within itself. The symptoms are an attempt of the tissue to neutralize and detoxify the invader, whether or not it is a virus or a toxic protein or a systemic Candida overload. Therefore, in effect, the flu can be a good thing in that the body is brought back to a healthier state than before the illness. That is if you survive it. The better way of course is to not allow the body to breakdown to begin with by not eating birds and other white meats like pork products.


What could be worse than eating chicken and turkey? Owning a bird! Bird feces and feather mites along with other viruses will either create recurring bronchial problems or will in the long run, create chronic disease many years later. Many people carry bird viruses deep in their bodies even years or decades from the time of having the bird. These viruses can be the underlying cause of chronic symptoms and disease.


What is the approach to be taken? Of course, give up eating birds and pork. Second, let us scan you for the detrimental effects of having eaten them and set up a detox program to clear you. By the way, you will find your waist line and hip size will decrease after giving up birds and pork. That's a nice side effect! We have the plan and resources to help you, all you need to do is come in or call. 



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