May 2019 Edition

Succession-Are You Ready?
Succession Planning

It's one of those things that can creep up on you. Succession needs can be triggered in many ways...abruptly by a devastating event such as the loss of a key leader through accident or illness, aging of leadership, a key executive moving to a different opportunity, or an event that forces new leadership.

Poorly planned successions can be ruinous to a company...the successful odds of most successions are not good as you will read in the "Message from Tino" below. Bob & Lyn Turknett are going through their own succession planning right now. Watch the video below to hear their thoughts on this very personal journey for the company they created.

And as you read this newsletter, if you find that you are NOT ready, listen to the second video about how TLG has helped other companies with their succession. TLG helps leaders rise and that includes finding the right solution to succession for your company.
The Turknett's Succession

The Turknetts have successfully helped hundreds of companies with their successions.
Today's discussions revolve around a most important topic - Bob & Lyn's OWN Succession Plan:
Succession Planning in Real Life
(Video Part 1):
How the Turknetts are planning for the future of their family-owned business
Succession Planning in Real Life
(Video Part 2):
How TLG has helped others plan their successions
Are You Ready?
Message from Tino
My Personal Succession Planning Journey
By Tino Mantella CEO & President Turknett Leadership Group
To fulfill my responsibility of writing an article for our monthly newsletter I began researching family succession. Did you know that only 30% of family businesses succeed to the second generation and less than 10% successfully handoff to the third?

In addition to my exploration I was going to relay some of the stories shared with me, years ago, by members of my YPO (Young President’s Organization) forum. Several of my group’s members were the sons of dads who were “turning over” the business to them.  
What Are We Reading at TLG?
Lyn Turknett
Co-founder & Co-chair Turknett Leadership Group

by Aaron Dignan
"An interesting book highlighting companies that are taking new approaches to the way they organize and work. The big idea is that organizations are complex human systems, not machines, and when they are managed like machines, with excessive hierarchy and siloed functions, waste and inefficiency abound. Companies know they need to become far more nimble to compete, and our definition of what leaders do needs to change as well."
Magazine Article

by Ebon Harrell
Dec 2016 Issue Harvard Business Review

"One of my favorites -a comprehensive article, with nuggets like:
  • Successful succession takes disciplined identification and development over years and years - at all levels, but especially at top levels. Too few boards are paying attention.
  • At the CEO level, internal hires generally outperform external hires. Even though significantly more companies are going outside now than in the past, research shows that the best bet generally is on an insider.
  • But it’s not simple – you may want an “inside-outside” leader – someone who knows the company as an insider, but who has external experience and a broad lens.
  • CEOs with military backgrounds are less likely to engage in fraudulent activity."
Len Romano
Managing Director, Not-for-Profit Practice, TLG

by Masaaki Imai
“Leadership and leading the important people of an organization (those who actually do the work, manufacture the products, provide the services) is not complicated. This timeless gem that describes the Japanese Total Quality Management process is still relevant today. The book lays out the process and it starts with one important concept: “The Gemba” which is the Japanese word meaning the “real place” or where the work happens. Hint: leaders must start in the Gemba by being visible and having an initiative understanding of how the work gets done there. More concepts are involved in the process, but if you want to optimize your for-profit or not-for-profit enterprise have your leaders study this book.”
Nancy Cranford
VP Talent Solutions at TLG

by Bob & Lyn Turknett
"When I think about Succession Planning, one of the main things I’ve learned from years of experience is the importance of having the right leaders in the pipeline. This book, written by Bob & Lyn Turknett, shows us how organizations led by leaders of character succeed, because those leaders create cultures where EVERYONE takes personal responsibility for the financial success and the ethical behavior of the company. This book is about character, the foundation of leadership, why it’s important, and how to develop it. I love Bob & Lyn’s book and the idea of having a succession plan filled with Leaders of Character."
Kathryn Igou
VP Operations at TLG

by Bruce Craven
"Okay...I'm a geek. But I love GOT and this review below had me buying the book."
“Neuroscience tells us that sometimes looking at challenges through unconventional lenses can prompt higher levels of creative thinking. In this entertaining and instructive work for fans familiar with the  Game of Thrones,  fans are sure to experience a few ‘aha’ moments to help shape their own journeys.”
―Rita Gunther McGrath, Professor of Management, Columbia Business School, and author of  Seeing Around Corners.

Anne Quiello
Senior Consultant

How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci; Seven Steps to Genius Every Day
by Michael J. Gelb

"da Vinci was the original integrator of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. He is considered one of history's top geniuses who continuously sought to pursue the full potential of himself and humanity. This book lays out the journey taken by him by examining the seven key principles found in da Vinci's prolific writings, with modern application and actual exercises for pursuing one's own potential. The history lessons are fascinating and the tips, tools, and techniques for applying the lessons are more than effective."

Marty Gupta
VP Strategy

by Eric Schmidt (former CEO Google)

"I recently read Trillion Dollar Coach by Eric Schmidt (former CEO Google) about Bill Campbell who was a football coach turned business executive (Apple, Intuit) turned executive coach. He famously coached Steve Jobs, the founders of Google, and Schmidt. Key message: every executive team needs a coach."

Principal Consultant


by Dr. Josh Turknett

(Interview w/Frank Capek )
Women in Leadership - Friday, May 24
Friday, May 24, 2019

7:30am - 10am
Commerce Club

Breakfast & Complimentary Parking

"Where Passion Meets Purpose: How to Live a Life on Fire without Burning Out"   featuring Dana Spinola, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer for Fab'rik 
Dana Spinola Fab'Rik

Fulfilling her dream for a bigger purpose and to flourish both personally and professionally led Dana to start fab'rik in 2002. With like-minded franchise owners, she's grown the brand to 40+ stores across the U.S. Between free fab'rik, which provides free shopping for sex trafficking victims, and Asher, fab'rik's in-house clothing line that supports orphans in Kenya through sales, Dana's built a brand that delivers High Style with Heart. Her dedication to growing the brand and inspiring a culture of purpose led Forbes to name her, "one of the five great American entrepreneurs you haven't heard of yet but should know." Committed to sharing her journey, this entrepreneur, motivational speaker and inspirational leader reminds individuals to dream big and chase those ambitions relentlessly.

Don't miss! This is going to be an amazing presentation!
Special Addition:
Dana will have signed copies of her book  "Love What You Do"  for purchase at the event. We are thrilled to have Dana as our May speaker.
To attend, contact Nancy Cranford at
or call 770-270-1723

Best Moments from Last Meeting April 26, 2019
"Learning from Leaders Who Inspire Others: A Panel of Inspiritors" featuring Donna Buchanan, former COO of United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta; Theresa Spralling, Director - Diversity & Inclusion at AT&T; and Dr. Lana Wachniak Professor Emeritus of Criminal Justice & Sociology at Kennesaw State University
Turknett Buzz
Welcome New TLG Consultants- Introducing...
Brian Bienn Ph.D.
Senior Consultant, Assessment & Development Practice

Brian Bienn joined the Turknett Leadership Group in April 2019 as Senior Consultant - Assessment & Development Practice. In this role he supports the firm’s mission of nurturing learning and development for leaders at all organizational levels. Through utilizing best-in-class assessments and developmental feedback with targeted coaching, Brian helps leaders enhance their impact and accelerate their readiness for more complex roles.  Read More ...
Anne Quiello M.S., A.C.C.     
Senior Consultant

Anne Quiello joined the Turknett Leadership Group in April 2019 as a Senior Consultant. As a certified and experienced executive and leadership development coach, she consults and delivers on talent development strategies aligned with the organization’s talent needs. 
She has over 20 years of operations, customer service, and organization effectiveness experience within a major U.S. airline during which she served in several executive roles, managing pivotal industry change including mergers, bankruptcy, employee engagement in the face of union organization efforts, and building a learning organization from the ground up.   Read More...
TLG conducts culture workshop for WEI
(Women's Entrepreneur Initiative)
What a wonderful day with the women of WEI! TLG has been a proud sponsor of WEI since its inception. The entrepreneurs are so energetic and brave and smart. What a treat to work with them and share the culture leadership model.
Tino Mantella, Lyn Turknett, & Dr. Patricia Thompson making an impact.
United Way of Greater Atlanta honors Monica Kaufman Pearson 2019 Woman of Purpose
Leading a life of Purpose Event
United Way of Greater Atlanta

Kathy Dowling, Bob Turknett, Monica Kaufman Pearson, Lyn Turknett (2015 winner)

TLG was honored to attend with such an amazing group of people and the impressive panel.
TLG attendees Kathryn Igou, Nancy Cranford, Lyn Turknett, Bob Turknett
Chick-fil-A TRUE Inspiration Awards
Outstanding event honoring those who work with children and benefiting the Chick-Fil-A Foundation. Such great work by so many.
Tino Mantella, Nancy Cranford (TLG) with
Clark Dean
(Advisory Board Chick-fil-A Foundation)
Rodney D. Bullock
VP Corporate Social Responsiblity Chick-fil-A, Inc. & Executive Director Chick-fil-A Foundation
Tino Mantella going on the road to address IT Technology Cluster in Mexico
TLG President & CEO goes international! XVI mxTI Congress in Chihuahua, May 22nd to 24th.

He will be presenting to 300+ tech leaders on the topic of Building a Juggernaut: Quantum Impact on Your Tech Ecosystem

Using Lessons Learned and Sharing Wisdom...
TLG "Behind the Scenes" with Len Romano
Len Romano
Managing Director, Not for Profit Practice
Turknett Leadership Group

Len Romano joined the Turknett Leadership Group in April 2019 as Managing Partner, Not-for-profit Practice. Len brings over 38 years of not-for-profit senior management and CEO experience to the team. He has successfully improved and turned-around struggling organizations by developing great staff through coaching and implementing eight essential operating and leadership concepts that have worked in every situation. Len has used this process to grow earned revenues, improve operating environments, motivate the workforce, innovate and raise millions in contributed support. One hallmark of Len’s work is that he typically operates quickly, efficiently and results occur faster than others can produce. Click here to Read rest of bio

What you may not know about Len...

So his perfect day is getting up to write a chapter of his book, then playing tennis, then coming home to Jana and watching the Redskins play as Chicken Parmesan cooks on the stove and ending with a post dinner movie of Whiplash with Jana.

TLG is thrilled to have Len Romano on board. He will be doing some amazing things for non-profits and their boards. Non-profit work is in the blood of all of our staff. This is such a great fit for TLG and we are excited for this partnership.
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