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Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat...
Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat, But It Grows Managers into Leaders
by Anne Quiello, TLG Senior Consultant

Children are our greatest resource because children are the greatest questioners.
-           Hal Gregersen, Executive Director, MIT Leadership Center

Have you ever watched a toddler go from experience to experience, testing how things work, doing physics experiments by dropping everything her little hands can hold? It seems her brain is trying to grow as fast as possible by staying curious-developing and storing new learning. She will eventually enter school which will replace her curiosity-based learning with structured development designed to help her “measure up” through test scores, grade promotion, and university standards. She will learn how to say smart things and give smart answers. Unfortunately, she is not likely to learn to ask smart questions.   READ MORE...
Tino's Corner
Leading with a BHAG

"What if you fail?..... Ahhhh, but what if you succeed?"

There are countless factors that contribute to helping leaders rise. I want to provide one personal experience. I hope that some of you will find it meaningful as you go through your personal leadership journey.

James Collins coined the term BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). I have been a believer of that theory long before BHAG came out as a term. What I have found, throughout my career, is that big goals motivate teams. For example, when I worked for the Chicago YMCA, Mayor Dailey READ MORE...
What are YOU Willing to Give Up?

What are YOU Willing to Give Up?
By Bill Dickinson, Senior Leadership Advisor

How a company understands, defines, and frames an employee’s role and responsibilities fosters both clarity of purpose and productivity in results. In short, our organizational “lens” for how we develop and empower our people—all people in the organization—influences one’s engagement and output.

I am familiar with a privately-owned company where the senior level leadership clearly embraced a hierarchical view of leadership. Their “lens” was a clear division of labor and where the manager (of which there were 1000’s) was understood as the “worker bee”. Managers were functionaries; they were not understood or viewed as leaders. Therefore, front-line experience was ignored, innovation from those closest to the product or service was devalued, and both low morale and defensive egos were tolerated. It’s no wonder that the company is going through, still, another major reorganization.
How to Help your Managers to Act like Leaders
By Dr. Patricia Thompson, TLG Senior Consultant

“I don’t know why our managers aren’t stepping up. We want them to act like leaders, but they just won’t do it!”

In my work with executives, I hear this all the time.

Some express frustration that instead of taking charge of their areas, their managers are too dependent on them for decisions. Others complain that rather than  delegating to their teams , their managers are in the weeds, doing too much of the work themselves. Some grumble that their managers don’t put enough of a focus on their people, and as a result, morale in their areas are suffering. READ MORE...
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Leadership is our expertise and we have a passion for helping leaders rise.
Top Ten Career Builders
by Len Romano TLG Managing Director, Not-for-Profit Practice

Over the last 30+ years I have worked with, and developed, young leaders and rising stars, many who eventually became CEOs and Senior VPs in the not-for-profit sector. Here are the top ten success factors that was evident in all of these leaders:

Len’s top ten career builders

  1. Great time management skills.
  2. Asked questions to clarify expectations.
  3. Dressed for the position they want, not the one they are in.
  4. Can conceptualize vague projects, i.e. can run with things without much direction.
  5. Exudes consistency and reliability – they deliver what’s promised – no surprises.
  6. Does better than plan with budget and metric expectations – i.e. grows the enterprise.
  7. Has personal enthusiasm and zeal.
  8. A “can do”, eye-of-the-tiger mentality.
  9. Clear written and verbal communication skills.
  10. Can lead others.

How would you rate yourself with these success factors? We all have opportunities to grow and develop and get to the next level and rise as a leader. .
My Journey from Manager to Leader
By Fred de Villamil, www.medium.com

I started my career with a terrible mistake. I wanted to be a manager before I even got the chance to be managed.

Well, that’s wrong. I didn’t want to be a manager. I loved tech, loved getting my hands dirty, and loved getting things done. But I listened to what people around me, mostly my family, thought what was the most social acceptable path for me.

They convinced me that smart people managed while dumb people got their hands dirty. Being smart, I had to do what smart people do . READ MORE...
What Are We Reading at TLG?
Tino Mantella
CEO & President TLG

by Daniel Goleman

Goleman, worked with researchers Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee to explore the role of emotional intelligence in leadership.
The author articulates on a leader’s emotions can be contagious. On the positive side, if the leader displays enthusiasm, for example, the team can display that positive energy.
Lyn Turknett
Co-founder & Co-chair Turknett Leadership Group

by Michael D. Watkins

Making the leap from unit-level manager to company-level executive requires some key changes to your leadership style. Learn what they are in this video slide deck. 
Bob Turknett
TLG Co-founder & Co-chair

Henna Inam | Jul 1, 2019

Good article by Henna Inam
Nancy Cranford
VP Talent Solutions at TLG

by Kathleen Edelman

If you’ve ever said the wrong thing – or said the right thing the wrong way – you know how quickly your mouth can make a big mess. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This book is about your temperament vs your personality, and includes an assessment that I found quite interesting. It also has a 6-session video study that explores how your wiring affects what you say, how you listen, and how others hear you.  
Marty Gupta
VP Strategy TLG

by Marcus Buckingham *& Ashley Goodall

Marcus Buckingham has written over 30 books and his latest highlights the importance of individual and team strengths
New at TLG

TLG has released the first episode in the new TLG Podcast Series. The first episode is an interview with TLG President and CEO Tino Mantella about the monthly topic: Managers to Leaders.

Josh Turknett MD

Founder The Brainjo Center for Cognitive Enhancement
& The Intelligence Unshackled Podcast

TLG Principal Consultant

From Green Beret To Bestselling Author: Exploring the limits of physical and mental performance with Tim Tigner

When seeking to understand how to make the most of the brain’s capacity for continuous growth and change, we have two primary sources of knowledge we can look to.

One is to the sciences, where we attempt to create a mechanistic understanding of human brain and cognitive function. In other words, to learn from theory. The other is to simply identify what works, to learn from examples of those leading lives of continuous learning. In other words, to learn by doing.

In this Intelligence Unshackled podcast, we’ll turn to both of these as equally valuable sources of knowledge. In this episode, I interview international bestselling author Tim Tigner, who has reached the heights of expertise in multiple fields, telling a story we can all learn from.
W omen in Leadership - Friday, July 26

Friday, July 26 7:30am - 10am  

"Service, Integrity and Legacy: What Leadership Means to Me" 
featuring Cheryl McAfee, Chairman and CEO of McAfee3 Architects Inc

2018 recipient of AIA's most prestigious Ivan Allen Sr. Trophy and a Business Chronicle"Women Who Mean Business" honoree, Cheryl has over 34 years of architectural experience. 

Senior program designer for all 33 sports venues in the '96 Olympics, for the past 13 years she's been Principal Architect in a $7B joint venture including the expansion of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int'l Airport. In 2018 her firm also completed the 35,000 sq. ft. Gladys Dennard Library at South Fulton. 

Cheryl received her undergraduate degree in Architecture from Kansas State University and her Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard. She's served on the BD of the Alumni Assoc. for Kansas State and Harvard.  

Commerce Club
7:30am - 10am
Breakfast & Complimentary P arking
To attend, contact Nancy Cranford at NCranford@turknett.com
or call 770-270-1723

Best Moments from Women in Leadership June 21, 2019 Meeting
 with Dr. Patricia Thompson

"Leveraging the Science of Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness in Business"  

Dr. Patricia Thompson shares her "One Big Thing" form the June WIL meeting via Skype...

For a summary of her presentation (which was AMAZING) click Read More

Turknett Buzz
Great Webinar on June 26th on the topic of When, Why, and How Top Companies Use Assessments to Improve the Talent Management Process 

Lyn Turknett, TLG Co-chair & Co-founder shared her deep knowledge and experience with the assessment process. Thanks to our partner Talent Connections/Career Spa for providing this opportunity!

If you missed the webinar, CLICK HERE... To view the webinar, you will need to enter your name and email address. Enjoy!
HR Excellence Awards by ABC & SHRM-ATL at Atlanta Botanical Gardens : 

Turknett's very own Nancy Cranford attended Atlanta Business Chronicle and SHRM-Atlanta's HR Excellence Awards on June 13th at the Botanical Gardens. The event's star was Chick Fil A Chairman and CEO, Dan Cathy, who received Atlanta Area's Most People Focused CEO.
Pictured-L to R: Bob Collins, SHRM-Atl Board Chair, Steve Fisher, President & CEO Novelis, Nancy Cranford, VP Talent Solutions TLG, Jennifer Dembowski, P.h.D., Manager, Org Effectiveness
SHRM–Atlanta Chapter Meeting on Employee Experience
What an engaging meeting! Our team really enjoyed the topic and the networking with HR professionals.
Pictured: Jeanne Artime, CEO SHRM-Atl – at podium
Panelists: Tiffany Willis, Fiserv; Caron Cone, ADP; John Carson, Herschend Family Entertainment; Kyle Stapelton, Turner Studios
June Offering- Leadership Learning Series
Leadership Learning Series Offer
Manager as Leader

1. Leadership Profile Assessment
2. All-day Learning Experience
3. Three Follow-Up Sustainability Webinars

For more information about this dynamic Manager to Leader Development Program CLICK HERE
Or call Tino Mantella at 678-984-8528
L et's Meet Up about Growing Managers into Leaders
The Turknetts and their team members have been helping leaders and companies rise for over 30 years. One would think that, like many companies in existence for over 3 decades, that the business would be on the downward side of its lifecycle. But the reality is just the opposite. The theory of the “long tail” does not apply here. Why? 

The younger generations, coming into their stride, are big believers of lifelong learning, personal development, and external coaching. Additionally, companies have placed greater value on the “employee experience” than ever before. Factor in the words of management guru, Tom Peters, who said that there are only “the quick and the dead” when thinking about the accelerating pace of change in today’s marketplace. All these factors bode well for TLG!

 "Our services focus on leadership, culture and strategy.
 Any company successfully taking on those big 3 factors
will stand the best chance to optimize their rise."

Call 770-270-1723 or email admin@turknett.com
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