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Turks & Caicos Real Estate Market Report - Year In Review 2021

2021 Turks & Caicos Real Estate - Exceeding Wildest Aspirations 
The headline for our 2020 Year End Report read: “2020 Turks & Caicos Real Estate Market Closes Like a Champ”. Then, with each quarterly report throughout this past year, we witnessed record breaking sales and it became clear that we were heading for a historic year.

And what to say about a supernova year where our annual sales volume increased 158.5% from $290M to $751M!! Where Single Family Homes accounted for a whopping $369M, up 137% over last year’s $155M, with average prices up 30%, from $1.72M to $2.25M. And where Condominium sales, led by the completion of The Ritz-Carlton, improved by 282%, from $59M to $225M, with a 33.5% increase in average price from $1.03M to $1.38M!

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