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Help us continue to promote awareness of why and how to Practice Safer Technology.
Thanks to the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
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Now that Jackson Hole was in the path of totality in the monumental event of a complete eclipse, I wanted to write our friends to wish them a safe ending of this very special time.  Old Bill's 2017 matching-grant donation period is underway! For a short time, contributions to the Environmental Health Trust of Teton County will be matched by the generous donors of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole.

The funds we raise during this campaign allow us to continue and expand the many creative, educational, and scientific programs that Environmental Health Trust provides for communities, 
such as the community lecture and discussion "Dialogue with the Doctors" we presented in July 2017 that featured physicians who  have served as senior advisers to the Canadian Parliament and the World Health Organization.

Thanks to the support that we receive from our community, Environmental Health Trust is truly making a positive difference in the lives of others. We work with schools and teachers to provide hands on resources explaining why and how to practice safer technology and promote healthy living. We host visiting scholars and distinguished speakers to provide current science. We carry out and publish state of the art science and share the importance of environmental health with everyone we encounter.  More than 40 local and national medical and health clinics are offering copies of our educational cards and brochures.

With your continued financial support we will expand our efforts to support artists this year by creating an art and technology contest to develop posters and videos that will be displayed locally and submitted to relevant national art competitions.

We are also planning to release a new public service announcement produced by EHT and community members. More than 250 physicians, obstetricians, and gynecologist are supporting the Baby Safe project to promote safer technology for pregnant women. We are working with the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary club to provide practical resources to businesses concerned about promoting safer technology for their workers.

Click here  to make a contribution online to the Environmental Health Trust. To learn more about the Old Bills matching grant, visit

You can also mail a check to Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, P.O. Box 574, Jackson, WY 83001. Please make the check payable to the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, and specify "Environmental Health Trust" in the memo line. Those of you who are able to donate appreciated stocks for which no capital gains taxes must be paid on your part can contact Vice President Richard Harris of Alex Brown at or  (202) 876-2400.

Thank you very much for your consideration, friendship and support!

- Devra Davis
Promote awareness of why and how to Practice Safer Technology.

The giving period is open until 5PM on Friday, September 15th, 2017.