The Custom House is broadening its offerings in the new year.

Our next exhibition, featuring photographs by Matthew Male, above , focuses on the biodiversity of nearby Great Gull Island.
You remember Great Gull -- that's where we've volunteered in past years to help with the tern nest & egg count.
Matthew, who organizes the tern project for the American Museum of Natural History, will be showing pictures of birds and other wildlife photographed while he was staying out on the island.
The exhibition opens on Saturday, January 25 .

This year, we also will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to VOTE!

Yesterday, author Elinor DeWire , above left, kicked off our celebration with a history of women lighthouse keepers. She presented her talk to visitors from throughout the northeast.

We'll have more programs highlighting both our local natural environment and celebrating the Women's Vote Centennial in the months to come.

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Want to know who's in the Harbor?
Come into the Custom House, click on the PortVision ship icon, and see!

Up on the roof...

Work continued this week in our effort to stop water infiltration on the waterside of the Custom House. Major cracks in the chimney were sealed. We'll see how well this worked after today's rain.
More than forty New England Lighthouse Lovers (NELL) gathered at the Custom House on Saturday. They traveled from New Jersey to Maine for NELL's annual Cookies & Hot Chocolate meeting.
NELL came to New London to 1.) climb New London Harbor Light (38 did), 2.) hear historian Elinor DeWire's talk on women lighthouse keepers, and 3.) have a cookie contest.
It was great fun!
What's Up at the Custom House - January 12, 2020
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Artist Denny Moer s took down his exhibition last week. While in New London, he visited the fabulous Right Path Organic Cafe -- just across the street from the museum.

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