Nowadays, anyone who follows the news knows how relentlessly political leaders hammer one another. "One good insult deserves another," seems to be the rule.

It's not just the politicians. It's so easy to fall into the same sort of behavior in our personal relationships.

It all gets very wearisome. There's got to be a better way.

There is, as it happens. And it comes straight from the teachings of Jesus.

It's not one of his easiest teachings. In fact, it's downright hard. " But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also," he says in the Sermon on the Mount, in Matthew 5:39 .

Does our Lord really mean for us to practice that sort of nonviolence?

He does. While the rush of adrenaline that accompanies anger can feel intoxicating, it's also imprisoning. All too many of the arguments we enter into, in life, have no end. They drag both parties down, in the long run.

Join us in worship, as we explore a better way: the difficult, demanding - and ultimately rewarding - Christian way of reconciliation.

Pastor Carl
All Saints’ Sunday  will be celebrated during worship on  November 4 . If you have names of friends or family members who have died, whom you would like to include in the 2018 Prayer of Thanksgiving for All the Saints, p lease click here to submit. You may also email/phone the church office at, (908) 572-7013.  Please note, names must be submitted anew each year, and they must be received by Tuesday, October 30 to be included in the bulletin on Sunday, November 4.
Sunday Worship
October 28, 2018

This Sunday we welcome guest organist, Sergey Tkachenko. Sergey is the Choral Director at Moorestown High School. In addition to his role as an educator, Mr. Tkachenko keeps a busy performance schedule. He sings in the Philadelphia Symphonic Choir in collaboration with the Philadelphia Orchestra, and is assistant conductor for the Westminster Community Orchestra in Princeton, NJ. Formerly, he was the bass choral scholar at St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Haddon Heights. Currently, he fills in for church directors, pianists and organists in New Jersey on the weekends. Sergey was a piano student of Dr. James Goldsworthy. He graduated Westminster Choir College with a BM in Music Education.

We are also pleased to have Ritika and Nivita Thomas play a violin-cello duet during the prelude-- Hornpipe by George Frideric Handel. In addition, Ritika will play a violin solo during the offertory. The Lamington Bell Choir and The Lamington Children's Choir will also take part in this music filled Sunday. Come, join us and listen to the beautiful music and voices.
LPC Youth Group
Sunday, October 28 after Worship

Calling all youth--Come one come all! It's time to do a fall clean-up of the Lamington Giving Garden. Join us in the garden after worship on Sunday, October 28, and with your help we will get the garden looking good and ready for the spring. Pam and Dave Smith will be on hand guiding us along the way. The work may get messy so be sure to wear your work clothes to church--or bring a change of clothes. And, when the work is all done, we will go back to the church for a nice lunch! To be sure we have enough food for everyone, p lease RSVP to Dyanne at Hope to see you there! (Reminder: If you need a community service project for school this is a good way to earn some hours.)
Support The Elizabethport Library and
The Joy of Reading
Five years ago, the Lamington Presbyterian Church (LPC) joined with the Pingry School volunteers to create the Elizabethport (E'port) library for use by its families—readers ranging from pre-school to 65+ years. We painted the room, installed bookcases, purchased comfy furniture and donated books. We even implemented a very basic “cataloguing” system with colored dots applied to each book.
While the library has been used and appreciated by all, the time has come to make it a true  lending  library—one where books can be checked out, returned and managed. (Today, all books must be read on E'port premises.)
Susan Scott of LPC is leading the effort to provide E'port with this lending library that includes an online lending system (complete with scanner), re-catalogued books, and launch party of the new and improved library for all families to celebrate the joy of reading. Emphasis will be placed on the benefits of parents reading to children and how a lifetime of reading can offer many opportunities.
Would you like to help?  Here are two ways:
  • Make a donation. The total estimated cost for the E'port Lending Library is $700. A generous donor has made a $350 matching gift to help reach this goal. You can make a donation of any amount to help fund the new library.
  • Give a hand. For the next three months, Susan will be looking for LPC volunteers who would like to help with the cataloguing and library launch/party.
To make a donation or volunteer, please write Susan at . Susan will also provide an opportunity during coffee hour in the Gladish Room, starting this Sunday, October 28.
Consecration Sunday
November 11

Please hold the date of Sunday, November 11, right after church, for the Consecration Sunday Celebration Luncheon.

The Luncheon is the focus of our Consecration Sunday generosity campaign. Consecration Sunday is based on the biblical philosophy of the need of the giver to give for his or her own spiritual development, rather than on the need of the church to receive. Churches that approach financial stewardship from a biblical perspective do not view the money Christians give to their church merely as a way to pay its bills. Rather, such churches see financial contributions as a way to help people grow spiritually in their relationship with God by supporting their church’s mission and ministry with a percentage of their incomes.

Some churches treat people like members of a social club who should pay dues. There is a more joyful and fulfilling way to approach the subject of generosity in the church! Consecration Sunday encourages people toward proportionate and systematic giving in response to the question, “What percentage of my income is God calling me to give?”

You will have an opportunity, in our morning worship service that precedes the luncheon, to submit an estimate of giving card for 2019. Then, after the overall results are toted up and shared, together we'll celebrate the faithfulness and generosity of this great congregation. Hope you can join us!
Elizabethport Thanksgiving Dinner Food Drive

Please donate frozen turkeys by Monday, November 19 . To make our gift of turkeys even more meaningful and to provide a complete Thanksgiving meal, please consider also donating non-perishable sides such as: yams, gravy, canned vegetables and stuffing packages. Items are being collected NOW! Please place turkeys in the freezer located by the side door closest to the manse. The non-perishable items can be placed next to the freezer. Turkeys and items can be dropped off during church office hours Tuesday-Friday from 10:00AM-4:00PM or Sundays before worship. To make other arrangements for drop off, please contact the church office at (908) 572-7013 or email
Upcoming Liturgists
Sunday, October 28 - open
Sunday, November 4 - open
Sunday, November 11 - Valerie Fraser
Sunday, November 18 - Jim Grubel
Sunday, November 25 - Nivita Thomas

We REALLY Need Liturgists!
A wonderful way to participate in Sunday worship is by volunteering to read scripture. We have many open Sundays to lead worship. Please consider giving to the church with your time & talents. Interested? A sign-up sheet is hanging on the bulletin board outside the church office--stop by and check it out after worship and sign up for a Sunday or two! You can also email the church office at (908) 572-7013, or . Come share with us!

Deacons on Duty
Sunday, October 28 - John Gordon
Sunday, November 4 - Joe Scott
Sunday, November 11 - Mary Jenkins & Monica Thomas
Sunday, November 18 - Sallye Grubel
Sunday, November 25 - John Gordon

A Note to the Deacons: To make a change to the Deacon on Duty schedule or to sign-up for Sunday duty, please call or email Monica Immanual at (908) 450-7278, . A sign-up sheet is also located on the bulletin board outside the church office.
Upcoming Coffee Hour Hosts
Sunday, October 28 - Jansyn Tropea
Sunday, November 4 - Lisa Achinstein
Sunday, November 11 - open
Sunday, November 18 - Kristen & Thomas Blauvelt
Sunday, November 25 - No Coffee Hour-Thanksgiving Weekend

Each member/family at Lamington Church has been invited to host a Sunday coffee hour. A postcard reminder will be sent sometime before you are scheduled. If you are unable to host on your assigned day, please call Debby Johnson at  (908) 832-7230  or email at

The Upcoming Week at Lamington

Sunday, October 28
8:45AM Choir Practice
10:15AM Worship
10:30AM Church School
11:30AM Handbell Choir Practice
after worship Youth Group Garden Clean-up
Saturday, November 3
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Sunday, November 4
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8:45AM Choir Practice
10:15AM Worship-Communion
10:30AM Church School
11:30AM Handbell Choir Practice
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The Rev. Dr. Carl Wilton
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James Goldsworthy
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Regina Morris
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